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2018 Playbook Football Questions Interviews

1. Which NFL teams do you see being 'Play On' worthy this season?
Look for Denver to be under the radar early in the season in particular. They have upgraded all facets of the offense and made the necessary changes on defense. This team will surprise and win the AFC West.

2. Which NFL teams do you see being 'Play Against' worthy this season?
While I like Jon Gruden, his first year could be a big mess. His draft was one of the worst and his mentality seems to be stuck in old-time football. The offensive line got old last year, the linebackers are still a problem and the secondary can be beaten. Play against the Raiders!

3. Which NFL teams do you see making it to the Super Bowl this season?
The Los Angeles Rams made several changes and while some might have surprised a few people, this is the vision the front office and I'll agree it is enough to make them better. Last year's playoff loss was a great lesson. Pittsburgh took Jacksonville for granted in the playoffs, that won't happen again. Look for rematch in the Super Bowl just like in 1980.

4. Which College Football teams do you see being 'Play On' worthy this season?
Like in horse racing, I have a dual entry. Both Florida Atlantic and Florida International are oozing talent, from players either not tall enough or lacking the needed weight to play in a Power 5 program. Head coaches Butch Davis and Lane Kiffin are cleaning up with these players and they will have a strong season in Conference USA.

5. Which College Football  teams do you see being 'Play Against' worthy this season?
Herm Edwards was the worst hire this season and with Arizona State having holes on both sides of the line of scrimmage, there will be nothing sunny about the Sun Devils.

6. Which College Football  teams do you see making it to the College Football Playoff Championship Game this season?
Some will laugh but it will be Notre Dame vs. Clemson in the title game. The Tigers have built themselves to Alabama's level and are loaded. Every year one team comes off the pace and with everything Notre Dame has and a modestly weaker schedule, Irish eyes will be smiling.

7. Which new head coach hire will prove to be the best in the NFL this season?
Let's go with Mike Vrabel at Tennessee. The Titans have pieces, an upgrade in modern thinking and ways to improve on both sides of the ball are long overdue. Vrabel is still young, worked for some excellent coaches at the college and pro levels and is ready to do well in Nashville.

8. Which new head coach hire will prove to be the best in College Football this season?
Scott Frost in Nebraska will turn out to be the best hire, but for immediate success, look for Dan Mullen to improve Florida's fortunes. They probably will not beat out Georgia in the SEC East, but they will be a real threat.

9. What will we remember the most about the 2018 football season?
The first signs of the crumbling of the New England dynasty and that Notre Dame is in the national championship game.

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