Marc Lawrence Never Lost Sweet 16 Monster Play! - Friday

Play - Kansas (Game 878).

Edges - Jayhawks: 6-0 SU and 5-1 ATS L6 games versus ACC opponents; and 7-0 SU and 6-0-1 ATS L7 games overall versus greater than .666 foes; and head coach Bill Self 9-3 SU and 8-4 ATS in Sweet 16 games … Tigers: 1-4-1 as a dog of less than 7 points in postseason games under head coach Brad Brownell… We cement the play noting that No. 1 seeds in Sweet 16 games that were in a Sweet 16 game the previous season are 5-0 SUATS since 1990 when facing sub .800 opponents coming off consecutive ATS wins, when not favored by 6 or more points. With the Jayhawks we recommend a strong 3* play on Kansas.  Thank you and good luck as always.

  2018-03-23 19:05:00

Marc Lawrence Incredible 23-0 ATS Sweet 16 Crush Play! - Friday

Play - Villanova (Game 872).

Edges - Wildcats: 12-1 SU and 11-2 ATS versus .680 or greater foes this season; and head coach Jay Wright 8-0 ATS in this tourney when coming off a double-digit ATS win… Mountaineers: head coach Bib Huggins 2-9 SU and 2-8-1 ATS as dog in the NCAA tourney, including 0-6 SU and 0-5-1 ATS off an ATS win of more than nine points… With No. 1 seeds 10-0 ATS in the Sweet 16 rounds when coming off consecutive ATS wins against foes off two wins-exact, we recommend a 3* play on Villanova.  Thank you and good luck as always.

 > Marc continues to roll through March Madness with a Sweet 16 Monster Play on Friday night’s card backed by an incredible monster angle inside the game that has NEVER LOST the money in a Sweet 16 game since 1990.  If you’re serious about winning then don’t let this play win again without you being there - get it now!

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Marc Lawrence 100% ATS NBA Super Play! - Friday

Play - Portland Trail Blazers (Game 868).

Edges - Trail Blazers: 9-0 SUATS L9 home games versus non-conference foes this season; and 5-0 ATS at home when coming off a loss versus non-conference foes coming off a win this season; and 14-2-1 ATS L17 games as a home favorite… Celtics: 7-14-1 ATS after facing the Thunder, including 1-4 SUATS versus greater than 600 foes. With the Blazers 18-12-1 ATS at home when coming off a home loss, including 4-0 SUATS when hosting a non-conference foe coming off a win, we recommend a strong 3* play on Portland.  Thank you and good luck as always.

 > Marc continues to roll through March Madness with a Sweet 16 Monster Play on Friday night’s card backed by an incredible monster angle inside the game.  If you’re serious about winning then don’t let this play win again without you being there - get it now!

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NCAA Tourney SWEET 16 Friday Night 4**** OVER / UNDER Best Bet from King Creole’s TOTALS TEAM:
Plays rated 2 thru 5 stars

NCAA Tournament
Sweet 16 round
Friday, March 23rd
Centurylink Center / Omaha, NE
9:35pm ET / 6:35pm PT
Syracuse Orange vs Duke Blue Devils
4**** BEST BET on: UNDER the TOTAL

We’re playing along WITH the line move in this game and Going LOW as two teams from the ACC Conference ‘have at it’ with each other. To be honest, the line probably shouldn’t have opened up as high as it did. But as it stands, this Friday Night SYRACUSE / DUKE line is in the range of 133.5 to 134 points as we type our writeup on Thursday afternoon. We certainly can’t forget that when these two teams played each other in this season’s only meeting, the OU Line was 143 points… And the final score was only 60 to 44. The UNDER cashed by an ‘unglaublich' -39 points. It was the third UNDER result in the last four seasons between these two teams. Average OU line margin: -18.6 points per game. The only matchup that DID go ‘Over’ dd so by just 2 points. The three UNDERS were by -39 points… -18.5 points… and -20 points. Our database models forecast a final score of about 64 to 57. That’s about 13 points LES than the current OU line, and certainly signals that a 4* Best Bet is warranted.

Marc Lawrence and myself broke down this game extensively in this week’s ‘Against the Spread’ SWEET 16 Podcast. Duke has gone 0-1-1 O/U so far in the 2018 NCAA Tourney. As Syracuse also appeared in one of the ‘play in’ games, we note that the Orange have already gone a perfect 0-3 O/U in the Big Dance. And their margins haven’t even been close when it comes to the Totals. UNDER by -23 points vs Arizona State… UNDER by -24 points in the upset win over TCU… and UNDER by 19 points in the Upset win over Michigan State. So that’s an average margin of -22 points per game thus far. And a Syracuse offense that is not even averaging 60 or more points per game (only 57.3 to be exact).

When it come to the ORANGE, it’s all about their amazing ZONE DEFENSE. Ranked #11 on the season, allowing only 63.6 points per game. And even better in their last five (60.6 points per game allowed). On the other side, the Orange run one of the slowest-temp, plodding offenses in the country. They were ranked #342 (out of 355!) in terms of offensive TEMPO this season. They have gone 2-7 O/U in in their last nine NCA Tourney games. And also 0-6 O/U in their last six games vs > .600 opponents… and 0-6 O/U when playing on Fridays.

Sharp OU bettors know what happened to Duke during the 2017 / 2018 season. They started the they year with OVERS in EACH of their first 10 games of the season (10-0 O/U). After 20 games, the Blue Devils were 15-5 O/U. And then… the BIG SWITCH happen right around the middle of February. After getting torched prior two then, Duke switched from a man-to-man defense to a ZONE DEFENSE. That’s right. They took out a page from the Syracuse playbook. Since their win over Georgia Tech on Feb. 11th, the Blue Devils have played zone 82% of the time compared to only 25% in the three games that preceded it (2 of which were losses). After bottoming out with a 82-78 loss to North Carolina on Feb. 8th, only ONE of Duke’s last 11 opponents have cracked the 70+ point mark. So they finished their regular season in ACC play with six STRAIGHT ‘Unders’ (0-6 O/U)… and now enter Friday’s game on a 1-8-1 O/U run in their last 10 games.

In what should be a extremely close (from a Totals perspective) ‘CHESS MATCH’ between the two greatest coaches in March Madness history, the UNDER is the obvious way to go. 
  2018-03-23 21:40:00

King guns for a 3-0 WEEK in Pro Hoops with Friday’s 3*** NBA Over / Under WINNER!
Plays rated 2 thru 5 stars

Friday, March 23rd
10:35pm ET / 7:35pm PT
Atlanta Hawks @ Golden State Warriors
3*** Play on: UNDER the TOTAL 

We’re Going LOW in tonight’s West Coast game between the host Warriors and the visiting Hawks… with both teams trending UNDER as of late. We’ve already seen a serious regression offense for the high-powered Golden State team when they’re not ‘playing with a full deck’. And that’ll be the case for the next few days as well. We already know that Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green will be OUT tonight. Yes, it appears that Steph Curry will be back in the lineup tonight after missing 6 straight games. But he still won’t be at 100%… and there’s probably a good chance that he be sitting back down in the 2nd half this game, given the fact that the Warriors will probably have this one well in hand. 

In terms of recent form, we can’t ignore that GOLDEN STATE is now on a 2-8 O/U run in their last ten games. The highlight (or in this case, the LOWLIGHT) was the fact that they were just held to 75 points in their most recent game against San Antonio on Monday. In addition, our database reveals the following for the WARRIORS: Now 0-5 O/U in their last five home games…1-6 O/U on Fridays… 0-5 O/U versus the NBA’s Southwest Division… and 1-7 O/U vs any opponent who allowed 105 or more points their last game. From a longer-term perspective, GOLDEN STATE has gone 2-14 O/U un the last 3 years vs all BAD Eastern Conference opponents with a current winning percentage of < .400 (line Atlanta)…and 1-9 O/U in the last 4 years after scoring LESS than 90 points in their last game when the OU line is < 234 points.

On the flip side, Atlanta once again ’s**t the bed’ last night on the road against the Sacramento Kings, losing 105 to 90 in a gan din which the OU line was 212 points (UNDER cashed by -17 points). So just like we did on Tuesday night against the Jazz, well be Going LOW in another Atlanta game. If they were at home, we might pass. But this one in the road… and the Hawks have now gone 1-9 O/U in their last ten games as a VISITOR. We also know that Atlanta is in a favorable UNDER spot against this powerful opponent. The Hawks have gone 1-7 O/U since December when playing teams with a current W/L percentage of > .600 (like Golden State). And finally, the Hawks have gone 1-8-1 O/U in the last two years on the road with NO REST after playing a road game the previous day.

Golden State’s last game was way back on Monday, so they come into this one with THREE full days of rest…
In the last 2 months, NBA home favorites with 3 days of REST have gone 1-8-1 O/U (Warriors)…
And in the last four seasons, these home favorites have gone 4-21 O/U when the OU line is in the range of 207 to 222 points.

With the 75 points that were scored in their last game, our database tells us that:
BIG home favorites of > 7 points who scored 75 or less points in their last game (Warriors) have gone 1-8-1 O/U. 

There’s been a low-scoring ‘hangover’ affect for teams who just lost to the Spurs IN San Antonio… 5-26 O/U Last 4 years: All NBA favorites of 3 > points playing off a SU road loss to the San Antonio Spurs their last game (Warriors), when the OU line is 188 or more points.

I also ran a query for unrested road teams who lost by a pretty big margin the previous day… like the Hawks.
1-9 O/U so far this season: All NBA road dogs of < 11 points with NO REST off a SU double-digit road loss the previous day (Hawks) that also went ‘Under the Total’… when the OU line is < 222 points.

Sealing the deal is a query that looms at each team’s current W/L percentages. Atlanta is 21-51 SU on the year (.291)… while Golden State is 53-18 SU (.746)…
0-10 O/U last two seasons: All LESS than (<) .300 ROAD teams (Hawks) versus a .730 or better opponent (Warriors) when he OU Line is < 230 points.
  2018-03-23 22:40:00

Brad Diamond Sports 5* NCAA Repeat Best Bet Alert

5* (871) West Virginia+ over Villanova @ 7:25 Eastern

Cashed our 5* yesterday with Florida State, and now look for more on Friday evening.  Realize Nova is a powerful unit and a former National Champion, still must respect the Mounties relentless play at both ends of the floor.  Granted they did go 0-3 SU against Kansas this season who is another tourney favorite.  But, in their previous tourney games, the Mounties have extracted 34 turnovers.  Which clearly illustrates their abilities to force play.  If they can keep the 'Cats off balance at the three-point line they have a great chance of winning this SU.  Strengths that will give Nova trouble are the West Virginia aggressiveness on the boards, and in a close game their 76% foul shooting efforts this season, could be the key differences in the outcome SU...TAKE THE POINTS!

  2018-03-23 19:20:00

Nelly's Friday Sweet 16 NCAA Delivery - March 23

03/23/2018 Nelly's 8* #871 West Virginia + over Villanova 7:27 PM ET

With a 32-4 record and glowing shooting percentages it is easy to see why Villanova is the tournament favorite heading into the Sweet 16. Of the remaining contenders Villanova might have the toughest Sweet 16 draw however as while West Virginia has shown some inconsistency this is a Mountaineers team with a number a high quality wins led by a legendary coach. The Big East graded as the third or fourth best conference in the nation by most accounts but the Wildcats were the only team that escaped the opening weekend and beating #16 Radford and an Alabama team that was questionably deserving to have made the tournament shouldn't merit too much credit no matter how convincing those results were in an upset-filled opening week of the tournament. Gonzaga is the only team that Villanova beat all season that made the Sweet 16 and while the Wildcats were the NCAA Champions two years ago this is one of the least experienced teams in the field with no senior contributors and only Jalen Brunson and Mikal Bridges playing a role on that team two years ago. This year’s team actually has Jay Wright's worst defensive efficiency since the 2012-13 season and after the red hot start to the season the shooting numbers for the Wildcats have trickled downward slightly. Villanova has an incredibly low turnover rate but West Virginia's pressure and toughness can cause teams to do things they normally don't do. The Mountaineers have great size, depth, and experience for Bob Huggins and while the draw has been favorable so far West Virginia has taken care of business with 179 points in a pair of wins. Villanova is no longer playing in its home state where 17 of 32 wins have come and playing in the Big XII forced West Virginia into some difficult travel and scheduling set-ups that could pay dividends for a tournament run. Unlike a few recent West Virginia outfits this is an excellent free throw shooting team and an above average 3-point shooting team. The marginal 3-point defense looks like a glaring concern in this matchup but West Virginia dominated a pair of teams that rely on 3-point shot and shoot it well in the first two tournament wins. West Virginia lost nine games down the stretch but seven of those losses came by single-digits and in six of the final 14 games West Virginia played before the tournament they faced a team that made the Sweet 16 for a huge contrast in the schedules for these teams. Despite overwhelming popular action on the Wildcats this line has crept downward and the gap between the potential of these squads doesn't look significant at all. Villanova has lost or required overtime in five of last 11 games vs. top 100 competition as for all the talk of West Virginia's collapse from a 15-1 start Villanova has also faded from its early season peak.

Nelly's rates our Playbook Picks 1-10 stars. It is a long season so please have a money management plan and be conservative and conscientious with your wagers. Thanks for playing with Nelly's Sportsline and best of luck. 

  2018-03-23 19:25:00

Opening Tip with Friday Evening NCAA Sweet Sixteen Hoop Big Five Bonanza from James Patrick Sports
West Virginia vs. Villanova 7:25 pm est. TBS
Nova averages (86.9) PPG, however the Wildcats own the weakest Defensive Field Goal Percentage of Sweet 16 teams. Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright owns a (5-8) career mark against the Mountaineers and Mountaineers HC Bob Huggins is (13-8) all-time in the NCAA Tournament at West Virginia. West Virginia is known mostly for their full court press but it has been the Mountaineer’s offense making headlines in this tournament by averaging (89.5) points in the first two games of this tournament while shooting (51.6%). In fact, The Mountaineers have netted (80.1) ppg over the past eight games and West Virginia coach Bob Huggins is never going away without a fight as West Virginia entered March Madness having forced their opponents into more turnovers (18.1 per game) than any other program in the country. As you may be aware, turnovers lead to easy baskets and the “Mounties” are very good at it.
(3*) Play. #871. Take West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Villanova

Texas Tech vs. Purdue 9:55 pm est. TBS
Boilermakers head coach Matt Painter lost 7’2” star center Isaac Haas to a broken elbow in the opener. Painter is (37-92-3) ATS record in his career when his team surrenders (70) or more points, including (14-43-3) ATS when favored. Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard is only in his second season at Lubbock but has reached the Sweet Sixteen for the first time since 2005. Red Raiders HC Chris Beard’s squad is ranked (15th) in the nation in scoring defense, holding opponents to (64.6) PPG. Texas Tech entering this NCAA Tourney match-up with a (26-9) record – its first (20)-win season in (11) years and its most wins since a school-record (30-2) season in 1995-96. The Red Raiders have been a good team all year long and earned a No. 3 seed for a reason. The Big 12 has been very tough this season, and the fact that Texas Tech survived it makes this team dangerous. Red Raiders do their version of the “Boston Massacre”.
(5*) Pot of Gold Play. #873. Take Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Purdue

Syracuse vs. Duke 9:35 pm est. CBS
Syracuse should not be this big of an underdog. The Orange just became the first team ever to make it from the First Four to the Sweet 16, winning three games in five days. They have a tough opponent in Duke, but Jim Boeheim’s Orange has been incredible on defense and they are turning games into a slugfest. However, the Blue Devils probably have the most talent of any of the teams in the NCAA Tournament. Marvin Bagley III has been incredible, and Grayson Allen has done Grayson Allen things. This certainly isn’t a Syracuse team as talented as many others in the past, but it does have great length to execute Boeheim’s zone. However, the Blue Devils are as athletic as ever and there will be just too many NBA future players wearing Blue here for Syracuse to hang with. Duke ranks eighth nationally in scoring (84.7), and six of their top seven scorers have made at least (19) 3-pointers.
(3*) Play. #876. Take Duke Blue Devils vs. Syracuse

Clemson vs. Kansas 7:05 pm est. CBS
No. 1 seed Kansas is set to tangle with fifth-seeded Clemson in Omaha at the Midwest Region semifinals. In their last games played, Clemson absolutely smashed Auburn and KU advanced with wins over Penn and Seton Hall. With this Clemson Tigers team making its first Sweet 16 appearance in (21) years, it is hard to imagine the Tigers slowing down a postseason force like Kansas. Kansas earned a No. 1 seed for the third straight season and the eighth time in the last (12) NCAA Tournaments while making its record streak of (29th) consecutive Tournament appearances. Kansas obtained its third straight No. 1 seed and the eighth under Self, who is in his (15th) season guiding the Jayhawks. Kansas fell in the Elite Eight each of the last two seasons, to Villanova and Oregon. The Kansas Jayhawks are (6-0) ATS in their last (6) Friday games, (5-1) ATS in their last (6) versus the Atlantic Coast Conference while the Tigers are (0-4) ATS in their last (4) versus the Big 12 Conference. “Rock Chalk Jayhawk”!
(3*) Play. #878. Take Kansas Jayhawks vs. Clemson

Syracuse vs. Duke 9:35 pm est. CBS
The Blue Devils probably have the most talent of any of the teams in the NCAA Tournament. Marvin Bagley III has been incredible, and Grayson Allen has done Grayson Allen things. Duke ranks eighth nationally in scoring (84.7), and six of their top seven scorers have made at least (19) 3-pointers. However, Duke has had some major defensive lapses this season. Syracuse should not be this big of an underdog either. The Orange just became the first team ever to make it from the First Four to the Sweet 16, winning three games in five days. They have a tough opponent in Duke and this certainly isn’t a Syracuse team as talented as many others in the past, but it does have great length and are turning games into a slugfest. That is tough to do however when you play from behind. The Syracuse Orange should fade as this game plays on as the Blue Devils are as athletic as ever and there will be just too many NBA future players wearing Blue here for Syracuse to hang with.
(3*) Play. #875. Take Syracuse – Duke Over the Total
  2018-03-23 19:05:00

James Patrick Sports Sweet Sixteen (5*) Pot of Gold Game of the Year Over/ Under Totals Tips-off Friday
  West Virginia vs. Villanova 7:25 pm est. TBS
Nova averages (86.9) PPG, however the Wildcats own the weakest Defensive Field Goal Percentage of Sweet 16 teams. West Virginia is known mostly for their full court press but it has been the Mountaineer’s offense making headlines in this tournament by averaging (89.5) points in the first two games of this tournament while shooting (51.6%). In fact, The Mountaineers have netted (80.1) ppg over the past eight games going over at a (7-1) ATS rate. First team to (85) advances to Sunday’s Elite Eight.
(5*) Pot of Gold Play. #871. Take West Virginia – Villanova Over the Total
  2018-03-23 19:25:00

Bryan Leonard's Sweet 16 Total Domination

876 Syracuse&Duke

This is a very bad matchup for the Orangemen. Here we have two zone defenses with Duke switching to the zone half way through the season. In order to beat the zone you need to penetrate and dish. That would mean the ability to hit 3 point shots. Unfortunately for Syracuse the team has the worst 3 point shooting out of the Sweet 16 entrants at 31.7%. Duke only allows 31.9% from behind the arc. The Orange are also the slowest paced team, so it will take as much time as possible to take a shot. Syracuse does a nice job from distance defensively allowing just 32.1% shooting. The total in this game is on the low side, but it’s not low enough. 

These teams met in late February and Duke won 60-44. We expect another similar score here.


  2018-03-23 21:35:00

Jim Feist's Sweet 16 Hi-Roller Platinum Club Play - Friday
  03/23 04:25 PM PT / 7:25 PM ET  


Take: (872) VILLANOVA

Reason: The loss of so many top seeds has really opened up the field for just about any team to win this year's NCAA Championship. However, the favorite now has to be Villanova. Villanova has 32 wins and won the Big East Tourmament. They opened NCAA with wins over Radford by 26 points and Alabama by 23 points. They have covered four of their five games in the tournaments, despite being double digit favorites in four of the five. West Virginia lost to Kansas in the Big 12 Tourney, 70-81. The Mountaineers then beat Murray State and Marshall in the NCAA tourney. Now they face arguably the best team left of the 16 in the tournament. Villanova has a very balanced scoring team, with six players averaging in double figures. It just follows that the Wildcats are the nation's top scoring team with such talent on their club. West Virginia has to hope their defense can contain the nation's top offense, because they can't get into a scoring match with Villanova. Personally, I don't see West Virginia containing this club and with Villanova laying just five points, that to me is a bargain. I'm playing Villanova. 
  2018-03-23 19:25:00

Jim Feist's NCAA Tournament Total of the Year (23-2) - Friday!
  03/23 06:35 PM PT / 9:35 PM ET 

CB   (875) SYRACUSE VS (876) DUKE

Take: UNDER (Tournament Total of the Year) 

Reason: Tourney Total of the Year : NCAA Midwest Regional from Omaha, NE pits ACC foes Syracuse and Duke against each other. These teams know each other well though they didn't meet in the ACC tournament. Their one meeting this year, in Duke, resulted in a Blue Devil's win, 44-60. They totaled just 104 points in that game. Syracuse has played five tournament games between the ACC and NCAA and four have gone Under. In fact, in those four they totaled 108, 109, 116 and 137. Duke has also been a good UNDER team this year, going under in eight of their last 10 games. In addition, the Blue Devils have gone UNDER in seven of the last eight vs the ACC and nine of their last 13 in NCAA tournament games. Syracuse has gone under in seven of their last nine NCAA tournament games and 0-6 O/U the last six vs a team with a winning percentage above 60 percentage. I like this game to go UNDER on Friday. Take the UNDER! 
  2018-03-23 21:35:00

Jim Feist's NCAA Tourney Inner Circle Insider - Friday
  03/23 06:35 PM PT / 9:35 PM ET  

CB   (875) SYRACUSE VS (876) DUKE

Take: (875) SYRACUSE

Reason: NCAA Midwest Regional from Omaha, NE pits ACC foes Syracuse and Duke against each other. These teams know each other well though they didn't meet in the ACC tournament. Their one meeting this year, in Duke, resulted in a Blue Devil's win, 44-60. They totaled just 104 points in that game. Syracuse is 3-0 in the NCAA tournament, playing a solid zone defense that has help opponents to 53, 52 and 56 points respectively. The Orangemen have covered three straight and five of the last six. The Orange have also done well in NCAA tournaments, covering seven of their last eight NCAA games. Duke also plays a zone defense and while they haven't been as stingy as the Orange, they are still solid. The issue I have in this game is the line. Duke is laying 11 1/2 points to a good defensive team that keeps scores low. That being said, I don't think Duke can score enough points to cover this double digit line. The Blue Devils will have to work for their scoring opportunities against this Syracuse zone. Take the points with Syracuse here on Friday. 
  2018-03-23 21:35:00

CAJUN SPORTS CBB 8* Black Label Late Slammer

CBB:  8* Duke Blue Devils (-) vs. Syracuse Orangemen   9:35PM

ANALYSIS: (line range -10.0 to -12.5) The Duke Blue Devils take on ACC rival Syracuse Orangemen on Friday night in Omaha Nebraska. Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim is adding to his resume in March having punched their ticket for this Sweet 16 matchup by upsetting TCU and Michigan State in the first two rounds. The TCU win really doesn’t come as a surprise we were never sold on TCU to begin with and the coaching edge certainly goes to Syracuse in that matchup. The win over the Spartans was not a huge surprise either. Michigan State has done this many times, played well all season get into the tournament and then lose when they are not supposed to against a team they should defeat quite easily. Duke punched their ticket to the Sweet 16 by defeating Iona in their first round game 89 to 67 winning and covering the 21-point spread. In the second round they took on Atlantic 10’s regular season champ Rhode Island and sent them home rather easily 87 to 62 as 9.5-point favorites once again covering the inflated number. These two clubs met at Cameron Indoor back on February 24 with Duke laying almost two touchdowns but not to worry they defeated the Orange 60 to 44. In comparing the two teams it is easy to see why Duke is favored by double-digits and rightfully so. Syracuse leads one category over the rest of the Sweet 16 teams, defensive field goal percentage which Syracuse holds opponents to 39.1 percent from the field. When we pull Duke’s defensive field goal percentage it is not far off with Duke allowing opponents an average of just 40.2 percent from the field. The difference for Syracuse in that category is negligible but the other categories are much different. Syracuse has the worst field goal percentage of the Sweet 16 teams averaging 41.5 percent they also have the worst offensive points per game average of only 66.7 points per game. Finally they have the worst scoring margin of any of the Sweet 16 teams with an average of only +3.1 points per game. When we look at Duke’s numbers we see they average 84.9 points per game on 49.6 percent from the field with an average scoring margin of +15.6 points per game. The Devils have a field goal margin of +9.4 percent and they have the best rebound margin of any team in the Sweet 16 with an average rebound margin of +9.1 per game. Duke is on or near the top in these categories while Syracuse is at the bottom with the lone exception of their defensive field goal percentage which Duke is second right behind them. We want to play AGAINST post season CBB teams coming off a pair of games that went Under the posted total because these post season teams are 22-48-2 ATS including 9-22 ATS as a post season road underdog. We want to play AGAINST CBB teams with a line range of 10.0 to 13.5 coming off a SU win versus a team with a win percentage of .667 or higher while going Under the posted total. This system has a record of 88-138-6 ATS including 36-61-2 as a road underdog in this situation. Our TPR Index projects a point advantage of 18.63 points. The MM projects a point differential of +8.98 points against the current line range of -10.0 to -12.5. The SIM Matrix has Duke with a 73.52 percent advantage against the spread in tonight’s contest. The Pace-Tempo Matrix has the Duke Blue Devils with an offensive-defensive differential of +9.91 and a transitional average of 44.05. With significant support on both ends of the floor as well as a strong advantage in both our primary and secondary matrixes we will lay the points in this one as the Blue Devils advance to the Elite Eight and cover the spread for their backers on Friday night.

  2018-03-23 21:35:00

Red Dog Sports ***10*** College BB BEST BET (only $20)
  Syracuse vs. Duke
9:30pm Friday

10* (#875) Syracuse +11.5

Duke won 60-44 at home earlier. The Blue Devils have won 5 national titles with Coach K but they are using a zone defense that was made famous by Jim Boeheim. The game is being played on a neutral floor and the Orange allowed under 58 points in their 3 tournament games so far.

Syracuse will slow this game down and keep it in the 60's. I think we see a game in the 67-60 range so take the generous points.

Syracuse +11.5
  2018-03-23 21:35:00

Fargo's 10* SWEET 16 Friday Enforcer (40-28 L68 CBB)
  This is a play on the WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS for our CBB Friday NCAA Tournament Enforcer. Strength vs. strength will be on display on Friday night as West Virginia brings in its pressing defense going up against the top efficiency offense in the country. The Mountaineers are in the top 10 in the country in turnover margin and forced turnovers (16.5 per game) while also racking up more than eight steals a game and the Wildcats have not seen anything like this. The only Villanova opponent that forced turnovers at that level was St. Johns (16.2 per game) and in n two games, the Wildcats struggled as they won one game by seven points and lost the other by four points. West Virginia is far superior to the Red Storm so we can envision seeing the Wildcats struggle again. The Mountaineers can score, which makes them different than in past years, as they average 80.2 ppg so they have the capability to keep up is Villanova gets hot from the floor. West Virginia is 15-8 ATS against teams shooting 45 percent or better from the floor this season and it falls into a fantastic situation where we play on underdogs of 3.5 to 9.5 points after two consecutive covers as a favorite going up against an opponent after two straight covers as a double digit favorite. This situation is 33-10 ATS (76.7 percent) since 1997. 10* (871) West Virginia Mountaineers
  2018-03-23 19:25:00

Fargo's 10* NHL Friday Breakaway (125-77 +$27,585 YTD)
  This is a play on the DALLAS STARS for our NHL Friday Breakaway. This line came out late due to some injury concerns for the Bruins. Boston has clinched a playoff berth but it is coming off two straight losses in overtime and will once again be without Patrice Bergeron and could be without Torey Krug for a second straight game, two of its top four scorers. The Bruins have lost five of their last seven road games and going back further, they are 2-6 in their last eight road games against teams with a home winning percentage greater than .600. While there have been no back-to-back games, Boston is playing its sixth road game in its last seven overall so this has been a tiresome stretch with two straight overtime games not helping. While the Bruins are in good postseason shape, the same cannot be said for Dallas which is coming off a six-game roadtrip where it lost all six games. This has put the Stars four points out of the final Wild Card spot in the Western Conference with just eight games left. This is the start of a three-game homestand and they cannot let these games get away from them as they are 24-10-3 at home on the season while going 12-3 in their last 15 home games against teams with a winning road record. 10* (10) Dallas Stars
  2018-03-23 20:35:00

Fargo's 10* NBA Friday Enforcer (SWEET 67% Run)
  This is a play on the SAN ANTONIO SPURS for our NBA Friday Enforcer. After sitting on the outside of the Western Conference playoffs for a short amount of time, San Antonio has regrouped with five straight wins to move back up to the No. 6 spot. The Spurs are just 2.5 games out of the No. 3 spot but at the same time, they are just three games out of being back on the outside so finishing this homestand a perfect 6-0 is huge. One of the teams on their tail is Utah as it trails San Antonio by two games following a win in Dallas last night. The Jazz have won 10 of their last 11 games so they are clearly playing at a high level and will have the attention of the Spurs. Adding to that is the fact that Utah has won the first three meetings so revenge is in play as the Spurs look to avoid getting swept by Utah for the first time since 2009-10 and just the third time ever. Utah has been solid this season when playing with no rest as it is 10-4 but most of that success has come at home where it is 7-0 in the second of a back-to-back set. Here, we play on favorites of 3.5 to 9.5 points off two or more consecutive home wins, in a game involving two teams with winning percentages between .501 and .600. This situation is 61-30 ATS (67 percent) since 1996. Additionally, the Spurs are 11-3 ATS this season at home coming off a home win. 10* (866) San Antonio Spurs
  2018-03-23 20:35:00

Doc's Clemson / Kansas Friday Sweet 16 Tilt

4 Unit Play. Take #878 Kansas over Clemson (7:05p.m., Friday March 23 CBS) Nobody seems to benefit more from neutral site tournament locations than does Kansas. For some reason Omaha is hosting the Midwest Region and the Jayhawk faithful will flock to this site. Clemson is in unfamiliar territory having not advanced this far in quite some time. They played a perfect game against Auburn last time out, but I question if they can do that again on Friday. Sooner or later the loss of Donte Grantham will catch up with them. Clemson is 0-4 ATS in their last 4 games against Big 12 teams. Kansas is 5-1 ATS in their last 6 games against ACC teams. Everyone wants Duke vs Kanas in the Elite 8 and I expect the public to get what they want, as the Jayhawks roll in this game.

  2018-03-23 19:05:00

Doc's 10* NCAA Sweet 16 Game of the Year

10 Unit Play. Take #873 Texas Tech over Purdue (9:55p.m., Friday March 23 TBS) Purdue has able to survive without Isaac Haas against Butler but I do not believe they will be able to do that for a second game. Texas Tech was red hot during the nonconference portion of the season before struggling with injuries down the stretch in Big 12 play. They are healthier now and I believe they will advance to the Elite 8. Purdue has not had any success in this round lately usually getting blown out in the Sweet 16. Texas Tech is 7-2 ATS (1 push) in their last 10 games against Big 10 teams. Purdue is 3-12 ATS (1 push) in their last 16 games overall.

  2018-03-23 22:00:00

#1 Ranked 2016 Rob V: 5* 100% NBA Dominator System
  The NBA Road warrior system side is on Milwaukee.Game 863 at 8:05 eastern. The Bucks fit an undefeated system that plays on rested road favorites with a 200 or higher total that failed to cover by 7 or more at home despite scoring 110 or more vs an opponent that failed by 7+ points as a home dog . These road teams are 5-0 ats since 1995 and win by a 113-98 score. The road team has covered 6 straight in the series and the Bucks are 6-1 ats vs teams who are under .500 at home. The Bulls have failed to cover 4 of 5 after allowing 125 or more and 12 of 16 after scoring 100 or more. Freak or no freak Bucks are balling tonight
  2018-03-23 14:00:00

Rob V: 26-1 SWEET 16 GAME of the YEAR SYSTEM
  The Power Play is on Villanova. Game 871 AT 7:30 Eastern. The Wildcats fit a perfect subset of a system that plays on #1 seeds in the sweet 16 round that are off back to back wins and covers vs an opponent off a spread win and 2 wins exact like West Virginia. Number 1 seeds are 42-8 vs 5 seeds and the Wildcats have covered 9 of 13 vs Big 12 teams, 21 of 29 vs winning teams and 20 of 28 off a win. The Mountaineers have failed to cover 8 of 11 off a win and 8 of 11 vs big east teams. Villanova is 38-2 after allowing 60 or les point and has covered 5 of 6 in that role. Thy are 8-2 ats in this tournament and have a ton of big game experience. Play on Villanova
  2018-03-23 19:30:00

Rob Vinciletti: NCAAB Tournament Total Of The Month
  The NCAAB Tournament totals play is on the over in the Texas Tech vs Purdue game. Rotation numbers 873/874 at 9:55 Eastern. This game fits a high end simulation model that shows this one in the high 140/s. Texas Tech is 6 of 8 over of late and 5-0 Over on the season in lined games after allowing less than 40% shooting in back to back games. Purdue is 5 of 6 over on Fridays, 6 of 7 in NCAAB Tournament games and 23 of 30 over on neutral courts. Purdue has gone over in 5 of 6 vs BIG 12 Teams. Look for an up tempo games that plays over the total.
  2018-03-23 22:00:00

Doug Upstone's Sweet 16 March Madness Top Play

#872  Villanova -5

With Jay Wright having these many days to break down West Virginia press, I expect him to use what Kansas does. Villanova has more than enough ball-handlers and finishers to score an ample amount of points against the Mountaineers and they end up winning by 10. 

  2018-03-23 19:25:00

Doug Upstone's NBA Totals Play of the Week

(865) UTAH vs. (866) SAN ANTONIO  OVER 195


These are two of the hottest teams in the NBA, but the focus for tonight from hoops bettors in on the total, up from 193.5 to 195. This would appear to be an incorrect line move as these are the Top 2 scoring defenses in the Association. However, upon closer inspection, the Jazz and Spurs have played seven straight OVER's. Plus, when the total is between 190 and 199.5 points and road team's like Utah have won eight or more of their last 10 games and are playing on consecutive days, the OVER is 27-6 the last five years.  

  2018-03-23 20:35:00

Ross Benjamin NCAA Tourney 10* Top Play Total + 5* Bonus Winner

West Virginia vs. Villanova 7:27 PM ET

Game# 871-872

Play On: Over 152.5 (10*)

West Virginia has seen 7 of their previous 8 games go over the total. During their last 5 games the Mountaineers have converted on a stellar 41.6% of its 3-point attempt and 77% of their free throws. West Virginia’s full court pressure has been very successful in get unwilling opponents to play faster than they had planned. They’ll have a willing dance partner in Villanova who’s averaging 85.0 points scored per game over their past 5 contests.

Villanova went under the total in their 2nd round 25-point blowout of Alabama. Despite that result, the Wildcats are 13-4 over the total in their previous 17 games. Furthermore, Villanova has gone over the total in 4 straight games following an under in their previous contest. Those 4 games averaged a combined 162.5 points scored per contest. Villanova has compiled extremely impressive shooting number over their last 5 games. During that time span, the Wildcats shot 49.0% from the field, made 44.2% of its 3-point attempts, and went an outstanding 82.1% from the free throw line.

I’m looking at this game being a wildly entertaining and high scoring affair. Bet on this game to go over the total for a 10* Top Play wager.

West Virginia vs. Villanova 7:27 PM ET

Game# 871-872

Play On: West Virginia +5.5 (5*)

Villanova is coming off back to back double-digit favorite covers against Radford and Alabama. Meanwhile, West Virginia covered as a favorite in their last 2 games against Murray State and Marshall. This sets up a high percentage college basketball ATS betting angle which is illustrated below.

Any underdog of 3.5 to 9.5 points (West Virginia), coming off covers as a favorite in each of its previous 2 games and is facing an opponent (Villanova) that covered as a double-digit favorite in their last 2 games, resulted in those underdogs going 33-10 ATS (76.7%) since 1997. The average line in those 43 games was 6.5. Bet on West Virginia plus the points for a 5* wager.

  2018-03-23 19:25:00

Ross Benjamin Friday NBA Terrific Trio

Minnesota @ New York 7:35 PM ET

Game# 855-856

Play On: New York +7.5 (5*)

Minnesota is 3-14 straight up and 4-13 ATS during its previous 17 road. Those stretch of away games for Minnesota also includes them going 1-5 SU&ATS as a favorite. The current total on this contest is 226.0, and the Timberwolves are 1-6 straight up on the road this season when there’s a total of 220.0 or more.

The Knicks have gone 3-0 ATS in their last 3 home games and won straight up on 2 of those occasions. New York is also 2-1 in their last 3 games overall. The Knicks are 8-1 straight up at home this season after winning 2 of its previous 3 games. Bet on New York plus the points for a 5* wager.

Miami @ Oklahoma City 8:05 PM ET

Game# 861-862

Play On: Over 217.0 (5*)

Miami has gone 15-5 over the total during its last 20 games, and that includes 7-1 over (220.9 PPG) if those contests were played on the road. Miami has made an impressive 40.6% of their 3-point shots throughout their past 5 games. Conversely, during that identical time frame they also allowed their opponents to convert on 39.1% of its long distance tries.

Oklahoma City has knocked down an outstanding 41.7% of its 3-point attempts during their last 5 games. Unfortunately, they’ve also allowed their opponents to shoot a blistering hot 41.0% from 3-point territory during that precise 5-game period. Bet on this game to go over the total for a 5* wager.

Utah @ San Antonio 8:35 PM ET

Game# 865-866

Play On: Utah +3.5 (5*)

San Antonio will be playing the finale of a 6-game home stand tonight, and they’ve gone 5-0 SU&ATS in their previous 5. However, the Spurs are a dismal 2-11 ATS during the past 2 seasons following 5 or more wins in a row.

Utah has gone a perfect 3-0 versus San Antonio this season and covered 2 of those contests. The Jazz have won an incredible 12 straight away games, and that includes all 5 when cast into an underdog role. Utah is coming off last night’s 119-112 win at Dallas. The Jazz are 7-1 ATS and 5-3 straight up this season as an underdog that’s playing with no rest. Bet on Utah plus the points for a 5* wager.

  2018-03-23 19:35:00

Joe D's NCAAB 45-14 LAS VEGAS STRIP MOVE 7 stars

Take Kansas.


Game 878.

4:05 pm pst.


To get here, Clemson beat a WAC team with a 1st year HC and an Auburn squad without one of their top players. This is a team that is just 5-5 SU their L10 games (going 5-4 ATS their L9). A 100% healthy Kansas squad is on a 10-1 SU run (going 7-3 ATS their L10). The Tigers are going to miss their #2 scorer and rebounder, Donte Grantham very badly here. Especially now that 7'0", 280 lb. Center, Udoka Azuike (played 22 minutes and had 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists vs. Seton Hall) is back and will be getting more playing time here. The Clemson "D" is facing their toughest offensive opponent in a while here as Kansas has 5 DD scoring starters. The Tigers are 0-4 ATS their L4 vs. Big 12 opponents. The Jayhawks are 5-1 ATS their L6 vs. ACC foes, 8-1-1 ATS their L10 games played vs. teams with a winning percentage of over .600, and 7-3 ATS their L10 NCAA Tournament games. Take Kansas. Thank you.

  2018-03-23 19:05:00

Joe D's NCAAB 33-16-2 SLAM DUNK 7 stars


Take Villanova.

This is my SLAM DUNK play.

Game 872.

4:25 pm pst.


West Virginia had to beat 12th seeded, Murray State, and 13th seeded, Marshall to get here. Well, #1 seed, Villanova is a whole other story. Top-tier teams like Kansas (who beat West Virginia all 3 times) and Kentucky (who beat them too), are comparable to Villanova. The Wildcats are the top-scoring team in the nation, averaging 86.9 PPG. They have 5 DD scorers and 4 monster rebounders. But the biggest advantage for UK, is that they are deadly from 3-point range, ranking 12th, and hitting over 40.2% from beyond the arc. The Mountaineers defense will have enough problems as it is, but they are 311th at defending the "3", yielding over 37.5% from downtown. West Virginia is 3-8 ATS their L11 games played vs. the Big East while Villanova is 8-2 ATS their L10 NCAA Tournament games. Take the Wildcats. Thank you.

  2018-03-23 19:25:00


Take Syracuse.


Game 875.

6:35 pm pst.


Syracuse owns the tallest starting-5 in the nation. Since a 3-game skid (in which they lost to Duke) they have rattled off a 5-1 mark, both SU and ATS, with outright victories over Clemson, Arizona State, TCU, and Michigan State. Holding each to 56 or less points. In the earlier matchup, the Orange shot just 31% from the field and were a mere, 6 of 25 from beyond the arc, with their top-3 scorers (Battle, Brissett, and Howard) combining for a season-worst, 10 of 39. That won't happen again. Their 10th ranked, stifling defense (63.6 PPG Allowed) isn't just stellar from the field (39.1%), but also from downtown (32.1%). Syracuse is 7-1 ATS their L8 NCAA Tournament games, 7-3 ATS their L10 games played as an underdog, and 5-1 ATS their L6 neutral site games. Take the Orange. Thank you.  

  2018-03-23 21:30:00

WGC Match Play - Round Three
  Only play 25% of a unit on each match.

Branden Grace (-125) over Marc Leishman  10:30am EST
Dylan Fritelli (-115) over Shubhankar Sharma  12:31pm
Charley Hoffman (+150) over Tyrrell Hatton  1:26pm
Brendan Steele (-120) over Alexander Levy  1:37pm
  2018-03-23 10:30:00

Rickenbach CBB *100% this SEASON* Earliest Cash Fri *4:05 PT* 6 IN A ROW?
  Earliest Cash - Rickenbach CBB Game #878 Friday 8* Kansas Jayhawks (-) vs Clemson Tigers @ 7:05 ET - Yesterday when I used Michigan in their blowout win over Texas A&M my analysis mentioned how the Aggies had basically played the "perfect game" versus North Carolina in their prior game and how that tends to be followed by a team falling flat in their next game. That is exactly what happened and the Wolverines dominated them last night. I look for a similar result here. Clemson played their "perfect game" versus Auburn in a blowout win Sunday and I expect them to come crashing down to earth big-time in this one. The loss of forward Donte Grantham (ACL) is going to be felt here as the Jayhawks frontcourt holds a big edge in this one in my opinion. The Tigers have shot the ball very well so far in this tourney but they certainly face a much bigger test Friday and, keep in mind, Clemson had been held to 58 points or less in 4 of their 7 games prior the Big Dance. As for the Jayhawks, they've scored at least 74 points in 10 of their last 11 games. Before allowing Seton Hall to shoot 45.3% Sunday, Kansas had held 5 of their last 7 opponents to 42.9% or less from the field. The Jayhawks are 8-2 SU (7-3 ATS) last 10 NCAA Tourney games while the Tigers are a long-term 3-5 SU and ATS in the Big Dance. Also, Clemson is 0-4 ATS last 4 versus Big 12 opponents. 8* KANSAS
  2018-03-23 19:05:00

Rickenbach NBA *EARLY* NBA TV *BLOWOUT* Friday *4 PT* 6-3 L9 NBA!
  Early NBA TV Blowout - Rickenbach NBA Game #853 Friday 8* Denver Nuggets (+) @ Washington Wizards @ 7:05 ET - The Nuggets are in a fight for a final playoff spot in the West. They also have revenge in this spot as they lost at home to the Wizards early this season. Denver has a poor season record on the road but they've actually won 5 of their last 9 road games and one of those losses was that tough recent multiple-OT loss at Miami. In other words, the Nuggets are a much better road team now than they were earlier this season. The Wizards have covered only 12 of their 35 home games this season. Also, Washington has lost 6 of their last 10 games overall and 4 of those 6 losses have come on their home floor. Look for the Nuggets to improve to 7-3 ATS this season when playing with home loss revenge. 8* DENVER
  2018-03-23 19:05:00

Rickenbach 10* NHL *EARLY* Annihilation TOP PLAY *4 PT* +$12,220 NHL!
  Early Annihilation - Rickenbach NHL Game #1 Friday 10* Top Play OVER the total in Buffalo Sabres vs Montreal Canadiens @ 7:05 ET - Divisional rivals but neither team going to the post-season. That is a key reason to like the over here as there is no reason for intense playoff-style hockey. Also, the Sabres are intent on opening things up and being aggressive here with an emphasis on offense as they know they must start scoring some goals again. Buffalo had been doing better with showing some glimpses of how they're capable of producing as they had scored 4 goals or more in 4 of 9 games but then they lost their last two games and managed only one goal. As for Montreal, they did get goalie Carey Price back but he is still a little rusty as he showed at Pittsburgh. The Canadiens have averaged allowing 4.1 goals per game their last 9 games. As for the Sabres, they've allowed an average of 3.7 goals per game their last 9 games. The over is a long-term 11-6 in Habs Friday games. The over is 3-0 in the Sabres last 3 divisional games. More of the same here. 10* OVER the total in Buffalo
  2018-03-23 19:05:00

Rickenbach 10* CBB 100% *Contrarian Crusher* Friday *TOP* 7 STRAIGHT WINS?
  Contrarian Crusher - Rickenbach CBB Game #872 Friday 10* Top Play Villanova Wildcats (-) vs West Virginia Mountaineers @ 7:25 ET - The Wildcats beat Alabama by 23 points despite hitting only 39.7% from the field. That certainly says a lot about just how good this Villanova team is. The Wildcats are 9-2 ATS in neutral court games this season and also 8-2 ATS in all NCAA Tournament games the past 3 tourneys combined. West Virginia has won and covered both their games so far in the tourney but they faced an Ohio Valley team and a Conference USA team. This is certainly a much stiffer challenge here and, keep in mind, the Mountaineers were only 9-9 SU their last 18 games prior to the Big Dance. As for Nova, they faced an SEC team Sunday and that is at least a tougher challenge than what West Virginia has faced so far. Also, the Mountaineers are 5-10 SU their last 15 as an underdog and 30 of the Wildcats 32 wins this season have come by a margin of 7 points or more. As you can, odds truly favoring a win for Nova by 7 or more and that gets us the cash here! We'll take it! 10* VILLANOVA
  2018-03-23 19:25:00

Rickenbach 10* NBA *Earliest Cash* Top Play Friday *4 PT* He is 11-1 L12!
  Earliest Cash - Rickenbach NBA Game #859 Friday 10* Top Play OVER the total in Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets @ 7:35 ET - The Raptors and Nets just met early last week in Brooklyn and the game barely stayed under the total. In the Nets other 10 games dating back to their final game of February, the over is 7-3. As for the Raptors, they played very solid defense late in their win at Orlando Tuesday but they then suffered a tough beat at Cleveland Wednesday as they let that one get away from them late. Toronto may not have a lot of defensive intensity left after trying desperately to hang on in that revenge game at Cleveland (they just can't see to win there) and, keep in mind, this is the Raptors 6th game in 9 days! Toronto has allowed 52.7% or more from the field in 3 of their last 4 games. As for the Nets defense, they've allowed 110.4 points per game on the season. Brooklyn is 6-3 to the over when they enter a game having played each of their three prior games at home. The Raptors are 6-3 to the over in home games with a posted total of 220 points or more. This big total is absolutely justified and there won't be much D in this one! 10* OVER the total in Toronto
  2018-03-23 19:35:00

Ryan’s Sweet 16 Best Bet Titan; 8-0 ATS situation

The Play and How to Play it:

The Play: Duke (876)

The Matchup: SYRACUSE (23 - 13) vs. DUKE (28 - 7)     

Start Time: Friday, 3/23/2018 9:35 PM

SIM grading: 7 stars on a 3 to 10-star grading scale.

Recommended Strategy: Place a 7-star wager on Duke using the line. The current line shows Duke installed as an 11 1/2-point home dog.

An alternative wager is to place a 5-star amount on the line and then add a 2-star amount using the money line. The money line is trading at about 315, which is paying back $315 for every $100 wagered should Wisconsin win the game straight-up. Of course, not all of these types of dogs will win SU, but over the course of the season, there will be enough of them where this type of combination wager adds a significant amount to your total profit over the course of a season.


Game Intelligence Analytics

Play against any team (SYRACUSE).

After scoring 65 points or less 4 straight games.

And is now facing an opponent after scoring 45 points or more in the first half last game.

82-39 over the last 5 seasons for 67.8%, $3910 per $100 wagered.


On March 17, Duke faced Rhode Island, who was off back-to-back poor shooting games hitting less than 39% in each. Duke destroyed them 87-62 and a similar fate will be in store for Syracuse.


SIM Matching Game Situations


14-5 ATS (+8.5 Units) facing defensive teams forcing 14 or fewer turnovers per game this season.

19-8 ATS (+10.2 Units) when facing good ball handling teams committing 14 or fewer turnovers per game this season.

145-109 ATS (+25.1 Units) when they make 47% to 53% of their shots in a game since 1997.

123-53 ATS (+64.7 Units) when their opponents make 34% to 39% of their shots in a game since 1997.

8-0 ATS (+8.0 Units) when they grab 4 to 9 more rebounds than their opponents in a game this season.

14-2 ATS (+11.8 Units) when they commit 10 to 13 turnovers in a game this season.



3-15 ATS (-13.5 Units) in road games when playing only their 2nd game in a week over the last 2 seasons.


Methodologies and Subscriptions

 If you are new to our service and wager methodologies, we have developed several analytical tools using machine learning techniques - some of which have been around since the 1950's. Also, have deployed AI analytics, and combinatorial algorithms that have provided significant value and have augmented total rate of returns in all sports. 

     The first set of Combinatorial Algorithms applied to the NFL and have propelled our NFL plays to an amazing 46-24 ATS record in 2017.


Here are the current records for March and season-to-date

12-4 ATS mark for the Top-Rated 10 Star College Hardwood Titans.

8-4 ATS NCAA Tournament; 20-10 ATS since March 1.

3-2-2 ATS in the NBA since March 1


  2018-03-23 21:35:00

Joe "The KIDD" Greble's 5* Sweet 16 BEST BET Villanova vs West virginia 3/23/18
  5* Villanova -5  #872
West Virginia likes to press. West Virginia is very good at pressing. That being said, Villanova is a tough match-up for West Virginia’s press because said press has the potential to give the Wildcats exactly what they want: open threes. Villanova is KenPom’s No. 1 offense in the country and they have had 4 full days to prepare for the WVU press. At any time Villanova can have 3 point guards on the court and all of them can knock down the 3. Jevon Carter vs Jalen Brunson at the point is the batt;le of the tournament so far. I will take Brunson ALL day. The 2017-2018 Big East Conference Player of the Year and Naismith Award candidate leads the Wildcats with 19 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists per game, and is shooting 54% from the field. Wildcats big tonight. Good luck everyone!

  2018-03-23 19:25:00