NFL Saturday 2** Wild Card SIDE PLAY Winner from King Creole:
2018-01-06 20:20:00

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Saturday, Jan. 6th

NFL Wild Card Playoffs

8:15pm ET / 5:15pm PT

Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams

2** Play on: ATLANTA FALCONS plus the points

We’re grabbing the points with the FALCONS in the nightcap of the Saturday WILD CARD double-header. For the folks that will be laying the points with the upstart Rams, we say best of luck to you. But you are asking for a LOT. The ONLY two home games in which the Rams  won by more than six points this season were: Week One vs the Colts, who were led at QB by the great(?) Scott Tolzein… and Week Nine against the Texans who were led at QB by the great(?) Tom Savage. In their OTHER home games, the Rams LOST to the Redskins… LOST to the Seahawks… LOST to the Eagles… LOST to the 49ers… and barely beat  the Saints (26 to 20). We’ll gladly tale any points with the Playoff-tested Falcons… with a future hall of famer at QB… who RARELY loses by big margins. So what kept the FALCONS in the Playoff race this season. Not the offense.It was actually the defense. With the current pointspread and OU line, the final score in this game is: Los Angeles 27 - Atlanta 20. I seriously doubt that the Rams will get to 27 or more points. After all, the Atlanta defense was actually ranked BETTER than the Rams this season… allowed 5 points per game LESS than last year… and despite a drop off from last year, their OFFENSE is STILL better than Los Angeles’. Not only that, but over the last six weeks… Atlanta’s defense has given up 23 or less points in ALL SIX games. And that included two games versus the Saints, one game vs the Vikings, and one game vs the Panthers. 

As we mentioned above, the Rams deserve all the accolades that they have received this season. After winning only FOUR games in 2016, LA raced out to an early start in 2017… and closed the year with 11 wins. But this is a round of the Playoffs in which teams who made an dramatic increase in wins compared to the previous season ‘SHIT THE BED’…

NFL WildCard round PLAYOFF teams who won SIX or LESS games the previous year (Rams) have gone 11-33 ATS (25%) since 1995… 4-20 ATS since 2006 (17%)… and a PERFECT 0-8 ATS in the last five years!

Additional WILD CARD ‘Play AGAINST’ and ‘Play ON’ situations…

(1) 1-7 ATS since 2010: All Wild Card teams who allowed 34 or MORE points in their last game (Rams).

(2) 11-1 ATS since 2009: All Wild Card teams who allowed 10 or LESS points at HOME in their last regular season game (FALCONS).

In ALL rounds of the NFL Playoffs…

(1) 1-12 ATS since 1983 / 0-9 ATS since 1999: All Playoff teams off a SU division loss of 21 or more points in their last game (Rams).

(2) 8-12 ATS last 5 years: All Playoff Underdogs  of +6 or less points off a DOUBLE-DIGIT win (FALCONS), when the OU line is in the range of > 40 and < 57 points.