Off a 4-0 WEEK in Pro Hoops, King’s Totals Team is back with the Monday 3*** OVER of the DAY in the NBA!
2018-01-08 22:35:00

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We didn’t think that the exact SAME situation would come into play so quickly after last Thursday’s ‘Over-EASY’ winner (in the Thunder / Clippers game), but here we ARE. The ATLANTA HAWKS just played LAST night on the road in Los Angeles versus the Lakers. In that game, the OU line was 216 points, and the final score was 132 to 113. The OVER hit by +29 points. Here we are one day later, and the Hawks are staying RIGHT where they are… and taking on the CLIPPERS in the exact same venue IN LA. In last Thursday’s win (Thunder / Clippers OVER), we revealed a very strong high-scoring situation for NBA teams who play IN Los Angeles on back-to-back nights. The 2nd of those back-to-back games have been great for OVERS, so we’ll go right back to it four days later.

12-1-1 O/U last 3 years / 9-0 O/U last TWO seasons: All NBA teams on the road with NO REST versus the LA LAKERS or LA CLIPPERS… after playing on the road against the Lakers or Clippers the PREVIOUS day (HAWKS).

In yesterday’s loss… the Hawks allowed the Lakers to put up a whopping 132 points… 5-0-1 O/U last 2 years: All NBA road underdogs of 8 < points with NO REST off a SU loss in which they ALLOWED 125 or more points (HAWKS).

So that was a NON-CONFERENCE game in which the Hawks allowed a lot of points last night… 9-1-1 O/U Last 2 years: All NBA underdogs of > 2 points after allowing 130 or MORE points in a NON-Conference game (HAWKS).

At least the Hawks looked a little better on offense themselves last night. After scoring only 89 points vs the Trailblazers on Friday, Atlanta busted out for 113 points last night… 6-0 O/U THIS season: All Non-Conference ROAD teams who scored 110 > pts and < 90 pts in their last two games (HAWKS). 

Both the host Clippers AND the visiting Hawks are off UGLY losses of 16 or more points in their last game… 5-0 O/U THIS season: All non-division home favorites when BOTH teams (CLIPPERS + HAWKS) are off a SU loss of 15 > points on their last game.

With LA’s last game on Saturday afternoon, they come into tonight’s game on one day of rest, while the Hawks are unrested… Already THIS season, NBA non-conference HOME teams in a ‘1/0’ REST situation (CLIPPERS) have gone 18-5-1 O/U when the OU line is 222 or less points.

That loss on Saturday for LA was against division rival Golden State… 9-1 O/U since March of last season: All NBA home teams off a SU division DOUBLE-DIGIT home loss (CLIPPERS) when the OU line is 204 or more points.

There’s a BIG line swing in regards to the pointspread n this game. LA was a big home dog of +8 points in Saturday’s game. Now, the lime has shifted a full 12 points as the Clips are a home favorite of -4 or more tonight… 9-1 O/U last 3 years / 7-0 O/U last 2 years: All NBA home favorites of -4 > points who were a Conference HOME UNDERDOGS of +8 > pts in their last game (CLIPPERS) when the OU line is 222 or less points.