Puttin' On The Stats
By Marc Lawrence

With Halloween now in the rear view mirror, it's on to the best time of the College Football season – the month of November!

That's because the combination of stats and angles bring us the best winning edges of the year. Our 'Puttin' On The Stats' theory is a dandy. Best of all, it's simple. And it wins.

What we're looking to do from this point of the season out is to 'Play On' any team as a dog if they've won all – or all but one – of their games in total yards ITS (In The Stats) season-to-date. Conversely, we will look to 'Play Against' any favorite that has lost all – or all but one – of their games in total yards ITS.

As we head toward Thanksgiving, here's this year's list from our sister publication – the PLAYBOOK MIDWEEK ALERT – of 'Play On' (as dog) and 'Play Against' (as favorite) teams to fatten up on for the balance of the 2017 season:

Play-On Dogs: *Alabama, *Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, *Oklahoma, *Oklahoma State, Toledo,  *UCF, *USF, UTSA, Virginia Tech, Washington, Washington State, and *Wisconsin.

Play-Against Favorites: Bowling Green, *Connecticut, *East Carolina, Kent State, Kentucky, Rutgers, UL Lafayette, and UTEP.

Important: an *asterisk indicates the team is either 100% or 0% ITS this season. Once a favorite loses the stats a second time in the season, or a dog wins the stats for the second time during the season, they are immediately eliminated from the list.

To kick off the festivities this week, we find LSU, Michigan State, and Oklahoma on the 'Play On' dog list, and Bowling Green and Kentucky on this week's 'Play Against' list. Note: watch the line in the Bowling Green contest. Should Kent State move to the favorite, the Zips would then become the 'Play Against ' favorite.

There you have it. Now pass the gravy and let the November spread begin!

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