1. CONTEST DATES: The PLAYBOOK Wise Guys Contest is an 18-week event, with games commencing Thursday, September 6th and ending Monday, January 6th. The contest concludes with the BSC Championship Game and Week One of the NFL Playoff games. The first submission date for plays will be Monday, September 3nd, 2014 (deadline 9:00 PM EST) for games played from Friday, September 6 thru Monday, September 9, 2014.

2. PLAY SUBMISSION: All contestants shall submit exactly TWO selections per week (college and/or NFL, with an option of in- cluding NFL-ONLY Over/Under selection(s). A contestant MAY NOT use 'both sides and/or Over/Under' total of the same game in the same week. If this situation occurs, the contestant will receive no points for that week of play. Regular season College Football (O/U) TOTALS are NOT ELIGIBLE for points at any time during the contest. College Football totals will be eligible during the bowl session only. Both DOUBLE and SINGLE play selections are due each Monday before 9:00 PM EST. A contestant may choose to submit a TRIPLE play at his discretion during any ONE of the 18 weeks of the contest. The 3-star designated selec- tion will replace his DOUBLE play for that week. Only once per the 18-week contest period is a Triple Play eligible. The selection will appear underlined in the weekly report. Note Special Week 17 & 18 Wild Card Week options: Contestants may choose to submit up to four (4) combination selections spanning the Week 17/Week 18 games from the eligible College Bowl or NFL sides & O/U events listed, with at least ONE of the selections being a game on the Week 18 schedule. Contestant would then fulfill his Contest obligation. You can email: contest@playbook.com for further clarification if needed.

3. SCORING: Each contestant chooses two games per week, designating one of the selections as a BEST BET (2* - Double Play) that is worth TWO POINTS (2). The other remaining selection by default is assigned as your Single Play selection and will have a value of ONE POINT (1). Once a year a contestant may choose, if he wishes, in any eligible week of play to submit a Triple Play (3* selection worth THREE POINTS (3). The Triple Play will replace the Double Play for that particular week. Points awarded: THREE POINTS for a winning Triple Play (Top Play designation), TWO POINTS (2) for a winning Double Play, and ONE POINT (1) for a winning Single Play. The same point values will apply to NFL & College Bowl game Over/Under Totals as well as College & NFL sides. NOTE: All ATS ties will be omitted from the weekly newsletter standings. NO POINTS will be awarded for a selection that either loses or ties.

4. GRADING: All selections are graded against the lines posted after 1:00 PM on Mondays of each respective week on the WISE GUYS CONTEST page at PLAYBOOK.com. Because lines are being posted in advance of a selection submission deadline, any games that are listed with NL (No Lines) shall NOT be eligible for the Contest that particular week.

5. DISQUALIFICATION: Any contestant failing to submit, via either e-mail or phone, his required selections by the 9:00 PM EST deadline will be assigned two losses and zero points for the week. A second missed or late submission will result in an auto- matic disqualification from the Contest and the contestant will be automatically ineligible for any/all prize monies.

6. PRIZES: Payouts will be awarded to the TOP 5 finishers, in addition to the BEST BET Champion and the contestant who has accumulated the most points over the final four weeks (week 15 through 18) of the Contest as follows:

*1st place – 40% of total prize money to the contestant with the most total points accumulated
*2nd place – 20% of total prize money to the contestant with the second most total points accumulated
*3rd place – 10% of total prize money to the contestant with the third most total points accumulated
*4th-5th place – 5% of total prize money to the contestant with the fourth, and 5% of total prize money to the contestant with the fifth most total points accumulated (10% combined total)
*BEST BET CHAMPION – 10% of total prize money to the contestant with the most points accumulated on his designated Best Bet (Double & Triple Play) selections
*FINAL FOUR WEEKS – 10% of total prize money to the contestant with the most points accumulated during the final four weeks of the Contest (divided equally among ties)

7. Prize monies will be paid from each of the contestants' $200 entry fee. Prize-winning contestants will be paid no later than one week after this year’s Super Bowl.

8. A weekly accounting of all picks and records, along with a complimentary issue of the 2014 PLAYBOOK Football newsletter, will be emailed to each contestant throughout the end of the Contest.

9. Each WISE GUYS contestant is encouraged to post a WISE GUYS CONTEST banner on the home page of his website during the contest. For information contact: jim@playbook.com

10. All Contest-related decisions and payouts made by PLAYBOOK Enterprises will be considered final.


    The Top 5

  • 1) JB SPORTS
    Total Points TY: 37

    Total Points TY: 35

    Total Points TY: 34

    Total Points TY: 34

    Total Points TY: 33

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