Marc Lawrence
Posted: 2019-09-19

Stats don t lie. People who interpret them do.

It’s on to Week three of 2019 NFL season and Week Four in college football.  With it teams are beginning to take form – some of it good and others not.
Let take a cursory look at how teams are performing ‘inside the stats’.


Only 8 teams won games but were outgained in the contest.  From top to bottom in total yardage they include:

College Football
Arizona State -188
Iowa -105
Kansas State -83
California -51
BYU -22
Wyoming -16

Chicago -99
Green Bay -85


For those paying attention, Wyoming appears on the list above for the third-straight week, meaning they are 3-0 SU but 0-3 ITS.
Other notes of interest from our MIDWEEK ALERT statistical newsletter (first issue for the 2019 season available is now available at BYU and Colorado are 2-1 SU and 0-3 ITS, while Tennessee is 1-2 SU and 3-0 ITS.   


See if you can figure this on out: Both of these teams in this week’s game have started the 2019 season 2-1, yet one of them is being outyarded -56 YPG while the other is outgaining foes +133 YPG. In addition, one of these coaches is 6-13 SU against winning foes in his career and 5-8 SU in games in which his team owns a winning record.  Meanwhile, the other coach is 55-17 SU in his career versus winning opposition, and 115-28 SU in games when his team sports a winning record. The answer appears in this week’s MIDWEEK ALERT. 

We’re back next week with an overview of next week’s games. Good luck, as always.

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