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The best cloud storage platforms for creatives

The days of chaotic storage are, thankfully, a thing of the past. Now, creatives can store thousands of files in the cloud, quickly and easily accessing them without having to rummage through a desktop of zip files, or that one USB drive that might have been through the wash.

Cloud storage is an essential part of the creative toolbox, and new cloud services have sprung up as an increasing number of companies embrace the technology. They’re a place to build a digital archive of past and ongoing projects, as well as collaborate with coworkers and clients – all while dialing into some much-needed organizational zen.

Some creatives will need significant storage space and speedy uploads for sizable .indd or .psd files, while others might be part of complex branding projects that require regular input and collaboration. The Playbook infographic below compares five storage platforms: Playbook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Box, to see which offers the most space, the best value and all the other bells and whistles creatives need to get beautiful work made.