Now inviting all designers, artists, photographers, marketers to our Artist + Designer plan (4TB)

Our team is hiring

Our mission is to organize and nurture the world’s creative work to its greatest potential.

Why Playbook

Playbook was born from boredom. As a designer and an engineer at Bay Area tech companies, we realized that the fun of our creative roles halted to a stop when it came time to actually implement the team’s work. Instead of brainstorming, creating, and activating great ideas, we’d spend precious hours digging through folders and hunting for files. So, we hatched the idea for Playbook: a new kind of digital asset manager that would act as a beautiful, organized home base for great work. We made a simple, powerful platform that stores and presents assets in easily scannable, searchable, organized boards and forever changes the way we, creatives, work.

As a creative person, you pour your heart and soul into your work, delicately building up to the moment you release it into the world. But along the way, there’s a persistent risk that the precious thing you’re making could be lost, damaged, or simply wilt in a far off folder.

We’re looking for our founding teammates

  • who are open-minded, curious and creative;
  • who have achieved greatness in one or more fields and is open to adding more to their skillset;
  • who want to grow;
  • who love talking to our users, and;
  • who can code. (we use Ruby on Rails, React, GraphQL)

Playbook culture

Less cult building more product building. We don’t want a company mission that sounds like propaganda, nor do we want company values the founders don’t actually live by. We’re all about the maker’s culture. We experiment and share results quickly, embrace failures and imperfection and enjoy the process of building something extraordinary.

We care deeply about the personal growth of every team member. We’ve seen too many people end up trapped moving through the ranks, or losing their sense of purpose once they stopped feeling challenged in their jobs. Instead, we will make it our mission to help you become the best in the world at what you do. We will support you in new roles (even if you’re trying something you weren’t hired for), and we will be your strongest allies for the rest of your career.

We love freedom and we believe it’s necessary for creativity. After we left our jobs, we tried various routines to find a more productive and healthier version of ourselves. Most people don’t have the luxury to take time off work to find theirs. So while our company is small, we want to cultivate an exploratory environment. Working from home, fewer days per week, or at unusual hours are all on the table.

We aim to build a profitable and sustainable business that will last many years. We’re also serious about delivering a great experience to our customers, staying competitive, and becoming a leader in our industry. With the right people, we believe we can both build a successful business and enjoy this journey together for many years to come.

Our supporters

We’re honored to be supported by Founder’s Fund, Abstract, Inovia, Maple, Basis Set, Backend, Wilson Sonsini, and many angels including Eric Wu, Charlie Songhurst, Yunha & Eddie Kim, JD Ross, Bebe Chueh, Beth Turner, Holly Liu, David Dat Nguyen, James Zhang, Julia DeWahl, Dennis Yang, Shin Kim, Kevin Zhang.

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To the future!

UPDATE (8/10/2020): We've hired 4 teammates since this post went live. We're now a team of 6 people!