Marc Lawrence Smoking Hot 20-0 ATS Super Bowl Super Play! - Sunday
2019-02-03 18:30:00

Play - L.A. Rams (Game 102). 
Edges: Rams: Head coach Sean McVay 10-0 SU and 8-2 ATS away from home against teams that were underdogs in their previous game … Patriots: Super bowl favorites of 5 or less points in “double rest” games (bye week to open the postseason and bye week before the Super Bowl) are 2-10 SUATS, including 0-5 SUATS against foes that were a dog in their last game … We cement the call with these three Super Bowl Awesome Angles: 1) Teams in the Super Bowl who scored 100 or more points in their previous three games, including more than 36 points in their last game, are 0-5 ATS since 1980, 2)  Teams in the Super Bowl who lost in the Super Bowl the previous season are 0-5 SUATS since 1975, and 3) Playoff dogs of 3 or fewer points with a better win percentage 18-2 ATS versus .600 or greater foes, including 5-0 SUATS if the foe was a dog in its last game … With that we recommend a 3* play on the L.A. Rams.  Thank you and good luck as always.