Rickenbach 10* NHL Situational Slaughter TOP PLAY Wednesday *He is 100% YTD!*
2019-01-30 20:05:00

Situational Slaughter - Rickenbach NHL Game #2 Wednesday 10* Top Play Pittsburgh Penguins Money Line (+) vs Tampa Bay Lightning @ 8:05 ET - We continue with the same system that has worked so well immediately after the All Star break. The key is taking the team that has already played and going against a team that has not and, therefore, still has plenty of rust to work off. In this case, the system is even sweeter because the Penguins got absolutely rolled in their first game after the break on Monday. The Pens got embarrassed in a listless performance versus the Devils. Not only did they work off their rust, they also worked up some anger and emotion for a bounce back performance tonight after that embarrassing home loss. Pittsburgh will be hosting the Lightning for the second time this season. The first time the Bolts got the win. However, not only does that mean this is a home loss revenge situation, it also is worth pointing out that prior to that TB win over the Pens, the home team had won EACH of the last FIVE meetings! The home ice dominance in this series resumes Wednesday as the Penguins take advantage of a Lightning team that hasn't played since the 19th - a span of over 10 days! Tampa Bay is 15-19 (-$10,000) in January games since 2017. The Penguins are 39-19 after a loss by a multiple goal margin in their prior game. The Pens are also 25-14 when playing a game with home loss revenge! 10* PITTSBURGH