Rickenbach NHL *100% PERFECT* PA Insider 10 *AM* PT Sat *He is 11-0 / 100%!*
2019-02-02 13:05:00

PA Insider - Rickenbach NHL Game #28 Saturday 7* Philadelphia Flyers Money Line (-) vs Edmonton Oilers @ 1:05 ET - The Flyers have the longest current winning streak in the league with a 6-game run. The Oilers are tied with the Golden Knights for the longest current losing streak in the Western Conference as they have lost 3 straight. Considering that as well as the fact that Philadelphia is on home ice here and you have a great spot to lay the price. Notice I reduced the rating from a typical regular play rating of 8* to 7* for this and that is because the current price range is in the -140 to -145 range. The Flyers are well worth the investment here the way they've been playing and with how strong Carter Hart has been between the pipes. Philly has another big edge here in that Edmonton hasn't played since the 22nd of January as this will be the Oilers first game since the All Star break. As for the red hot Flyers, this will already be their 4th game since the break! While Philly is already warmed up and firing on all cylinders, the Oilers are likely to show plenty of rust in this game after the long lay-off! The Flyers also have revenge on their minds as they lost at Edmonton in mid-December despite a double digit edge in shots on goal. The Oilers are 0-4 this season when playing with 3 or more days of rest between games. Philly is a long-term 20-10 when they enter a game on a winning streak of 3 or more games. 7* PHILADELPHIA