Marc Lawrence Never Lost Famous Last Home Game Play Of The Year! - Saturday
2019-03-09 16:00:00

Play - Arizona (Game 654).

Edges - Wildcats: 18-1 SU in this series when Arizona State owns a win percentage of fewer than .690; and 12-4 SUATS with same season loss revenge of 7 or more points versus foes coming off a SUATS win, including 4-0 ATS when playing with 2 or more days of rest … Sun Devils: 1-9 SU and 2-8 ATS versus foes playing Last Home Games, including 0-6 SUATS when the one scored fewer than 70 points in its last game … With Wildcats head coach Sean Miller 3-0 SUATS in his career in Last Home Games when not coming off a win of 3 or more points, we recommend a 4* play on Arizona.  Thanks and good luck as always.


> > Look: Marc’s hot hand on the hardwood continues Saturday night with his top rated College Hoops Kill Play. Best of all it’s backed with a 17-0 winning angle inside the game and it’s yours - don’t miss out!