Marc Lawrence MLB 100% Perfect Game Of The Week! - Sunday
2019-04-07 13:10:00

Play - Washington Nationals w/Scherzer (Game 901). 
Edges - Nationals: Scherzer: 5-0 last five team stat at New  York against the Mets; and 24 L’s with 3 BB’s during spring camp, plus 0-2 with 2.13 ERA with 1.03 WHP, along  with 21 K’s and 4 BB’s this season … Mets: Matz 2-4 home career team starts in this series … We recommend a strong 3* play on Washington.  Thank you and good luck as always.  

> > Look: Marc’s hot hand in the NBA continues Sunday night with his Top Rated 4* NBA Game Of The Week. Best of all it’s packed with three Jaw Dropping winning situations inside the game that are 21-0 ATS.  If you’re serious about winning then you know exactly what to do!