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Learn inside tips and winning theories that only the pros know. Contains 10 All New BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW Super Systems from Marc Lawrence's personal library, plus all-new 100% trends and key Game Number results on every weekly college and pro matchup throughout the entire season. Also contains 72 situational results (home, away, favorite, dog, off a win, off a loss, with revenge, vs. revenge, etc.) on every College and NFL team since 1990. Note: In Stock Now!


Which of these NFL teams most likely figures to make the playoffs this season that
failed to do so last year?

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Marc Lawrence MLB Free Play - Thursday

Play - San Diego Padres w/Chacin vs Bumgarner (Game 959)

Edges - Padres: 5-1 last 6 games here; and Chacin 3-0 team starts vs the Dodgers this season… Giants: 1-8 on Thursdays this season; and Bumgarner 0-5 overall team starts this season. With Bumgarner still a maiden this season, we’ll fade him as $2.00 chalk tonight. We recommend a 1* play on San Diego. .. Click here to continue >>>

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