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NCAA Top Tips Week 9

Playbook College Football 2-Minute Handicap

Posted: 10/21/2014
Saturday, Oct 25th
S Carolina

3-0 off unlined home win… 6-1 as conf dogs 10 > pts… 3-9 Game Eight… 2-5 bef Tennessee


SERIES: 5-1 L6… 4-0 Game Seven… 5-1 home w/ rest… 8-3 as conf HF’s 14 > pts… 7-3 off SU raod fav loss… 1-3 aft Miss St

Mississippi St

SERIES: 4-1 L5… 4-1 Game Seven… 4-1 as conf RF’s> 1 pt… 0-3 off SU home dog win… 3-10 aft Auburn… 2-5 away w/ rest     


7-3 aft RG vs Lsu… 1-10 as HD’s 7 > pts… 1-5 Game Eight… 3-8 vs undef opp Gm 6 >


2-0 aft Wake For… 11-3 Game Eight… 3-1 as conf dogs 13 > pts… 1-5 away w/ conf revenge… 1-4 in 2nd of BB RG’s


7-2 Game Eight… 9-3 vs conf revenge… 3-1 as conf HF’s 13 > pts… 2-5 aft Bost Coll

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