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Playbook 2-Minute Handicap
Posted: 09/20/2016
Week 3
Thursday, Sep 22
Houston Texans Ser: 1-3 L4 / 0-3 LA… 0-7 off non-div vs non-div bef Tennessee… 1-5 .500 > Game Three dogs… 1-4 Away One w/ rev… 2-8 RD's off BB home
NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 5-0 Home Two… 5-0 off div vs .500 > bef Buffalo… 10-1 favs div-sandwich… 5-1 2nd of 3 home
Sunday, Sep 25
Denver Broncos 14-0 off non-div 1st BB away… 8-0 A vs foe w/ rev bef NFC… 7-1 Game Three away off non-div… 1-11 vs .500 > 12-win > LY foe
DETROIT LIONS 7-1 1st BB home… 4-1 Home One… 13-3 H off div & BB away vs .500 > foe… 8-2 off A w/ rev vs foe off home

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