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It's the NFL CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS and this week's issue of the MIDWEEK ALERT breaks down both game statistically, fundamentally and technically with its exclusive Stat Logs and in depth write-ups on both games. Get your copy now!

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If you are into game stats and stat matchups, this newsletter should be your No. 1 source this football season. Not only did it produce a 27-14 winning record last season, it features exclusive Stat Logs covering every College and NFL Team in a team vs. team setting, the Midweek Alert allows you to spot strengths and weaknesses of every team in every game. Find the statistical mismatches and value on the football card each week. Featuring both NFL and NCAA Best Bets and the best stat matchups in the business, the Playbook Midweek Alert Football Newsletter is the Racing Form of Football Newsletters. It's also where the smart money is. Toss in the heralded 2017 Playbook College Bowl Stat Report and you're covered. Don't make a move without it this football season!

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