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AI course: Jan 17 & 24
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Jan 17 & 24, 2024, 5:00 - 6:30pm PST

Why sign up for the AI Certification for Creative Professionals

  • Save 10-12 hours weekly with our efficiency hacks
  • Increase business output 10x with creative workflows and scaling operations
  • Amplify your skills while minimizing low-value tasks with AI
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Certification Course Topics

  • What's expected as a creative operations manager in the AI world
  • Speed up team collaboration on high value projects
  • Relieve your team of unappreciated tasks using AI tools
  • Manage up(!) with intelligent reporting & metrics

Relevant roles

Media and DAM Manager
Yearly salary: $80K-$150K
Marketing Creative Manager
Yearly salary: $80K-$120K
Design Program Manager
Yearly salary: $120K-$180K
Creative Director
Yearly salary: $120K-$180K

Hands-on learning with world class design and AI operators

Jessica Ko
Main Lecturer, CEO & CPO, formerly Head of Brand at Opendoor, Design Lead at Google

Jessica is a co-founder and CEO of, a $90M visual cloud storage company in San Francisco. As part of Google’s early design team in 2007, she was responsible for creating Google Drive, Hangout, and YouTube products. A former Googler, she was the first and Head of Design at Opendoor (NASDAQ: OPEN), overseeing a multi-billion dollar company’s product and brand design. In addition, she has advised and contributed to the raising of hundreds of millions of dollars for more than a dozen startups nationwide.

Find her in:

Daniel Zhang & Alexey Gaziev
Guest Speakers, Head of Product, Head of AI
Scarlet Gillett
Facilitator, COO, Design+Marketing AI Fellowship, formerly, Senior Marketing Manager at Uberflip
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