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Getting started

How to create a board

Step 1: Click on (+) to create a new board "Boards" are our version of dynamic folders you know and use..

How to upload files

Step 1: Drag files from your desktop and drop into a board You can also click on (+) Add to Upload..

How to favorite

Step 1: Select ❤️ in the top right corner of an asset in a board Step 2: Navigate to “Your name”..

How to group files

There are a ton of ways that grouping files can elevate your workflow! From managing versions of your work to..

How to download a board

Step 1: Click the Settings icon Step 2: Wait for Playbook to zip your files! Step 3: Download 😉 Fun fact:..

How to share files

Here are four simple ways to share files! Sharing a single file via link Step 1: Navigate to the file..

How to Publish

Step 1: Prepare your board, description, and assets Step 2: Click the Publish button, toggle on Step 3: Customize template,..