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#PortfolioMonth is once every three months where Playbook artists and creatives can share their portfolios on #PlaybookCommunity.

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How it works

When does it start?

  • Starts on November 1 and ends on November 30, 2023

What kind of prizes and benefits?

  • Playbook "Top Portfolio" award and badge
  • Unique swag designed with you in mind for US-based users
  • Upgrade to Licensed Artist status to start earning money today
  • A free Pro Playbook workspace for a year
  • Priority product support

Who'll get these prizes?

  • Playbook Licensed Artists will pick their favorites on December 15.
What is Playbook?
Playbook is a cloud storage made for creative files. Playbook stores, automatically tags, and organizes your visual assets to make it super easy for you or your team to browse and find what they want.
What is #PortfolioMonth?
Portfolio Month is an event we run once every three months where Playbook artists and creatives can share their portfolios on #PlaybookCommunity.
Who can win prizes?
Are you at least 18? Are you creative? If the answers are yes & yes, you’re eligible to win prizes.
How do I submit?
Here's a step-by-step video.

Go to your profile page and add a shared page link under Community Project in your profile. It'll take up to 24 hours for us to review.
Does it matter how many votes I get?
Our Licensed Artists will pick their favorites of the month. But the community's favorites could also influence the outcome of Licensed Artist decisions.
When does the public voting start?
It's available as soon as your portfolio shows up on Playbook Community!
I submitted my portfolio late. Is it okay?
Definitely! You can upload your portfolio anytime.
How do I sign up for Playbook?
Are you in the creative industry? Sign up for Artist and Designer plan and see if you qualify!
Any guidelines I should follow?
Thanks for asking! Here are the specific rules and guidelines to #PortfolioMonth. Most importantly, please avoid posting pornographic, illegal, pirated or harmful content.
Have more questions?
Join our Discord server and ask any one of us.