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2024 Photo Competition: "Beautifully Unorganized"

Calling all photographers, from hobbyists to veterans! We're celebrating the new year with another competition, highlighting original photography with a new theme: Beautifully Unorganized.

Run with that idea in the direction that inspires you most, win up to 💰$1000💰 in prizes, and get inspired by other artists around the world.

Submissions end on February 29, 2024. (🚨Deadline extended to March 15, 2024!)

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Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

📸 About the competition

Playbook is your creative hub: a beautiful place to organize, collaborate on, and share your creative work. Our competitions bring together artists from around the world, featuring different kinds of creative work and creative processes. You can see our previous competitions at

Our theme is Beautifully Unorganized.

You must submit an original photo. Your photo may be featured elsewhere, but cannot have been a winner of any other competition. One entry per person.

💰 Prizes

  • 1st Place: $1000
  • 2nd Place: $800
  • 3rd Place: $500

📌 Important dates

  • Open for entries on January 29, 2024
  • Entries closed on February 29, 2024 (Deadline extended to March 15, 2024!)
  • Community voting ends on March 15, 2024 @11:59 pm EST
  • Winners announced March 22, 2024

🚀 How to participate

  1. Go to
  2. Upload an (1) original photo with a brief description of its “Beautifully unorganized” story.
  3. We’ll let you know within 48hrs if your submission is accepted into the competition!

Follow us on Instagram or Twitter for the launch announcement and updates:

📸 Instagram: @playbook_hq

🐦 Twitter/X: @playbook_hq


What is Playbook?

Playbook is a cloud storage tool made for creative files. Playbook stores, automatically tags, and organizes your visual assets to make it super easy for you or your team to browse and find what they want.

Why is Playbook doing this competition?

We're creatives ourselves and started Playbook to support and uplift creative people. We want to bring our community together, get inspired, and (of course) spread the word about Playbook :)

Who is eligible?

Are you at least 18? Are you creative? If the answers are yes & yes, you’re eligible to enter the competition.

How many submissions can I enter?

You may only enter one submission (a single photo and caption). If you need to update the photo or caption later, you can do that from the Playbook interface after you submit.

Do I retain all rights to my photo?

Yes, you retain ownership of all your work and ideas.

Playbook will have a limited right to use your work to promote or share information about the competition. We won't use your work in any other way, and we definitely won't train AI models on it or share it with anyone who does. See the full terms here.

Are AI-generated images allowed?

No, not for this competition.

How is the competition judged?

Judges will be asked to pick winners using criteria of creativity, beauty, uniqueness, and relevance to the theme of Beautifully Unorganized.

See the Judging section of the Official rules page for more details.

Do community votes decide the winners?

No, community votes don’t directly decide the winners. However, they can influence our judges’ decisions and help bring attention to the most amazing photos (and their creators).