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Changes to free plugin credits in Playbook

This year, we announced two new ways to work inside Playbook: generative AI integrations, and third-party plugins. Want to remove a background? Convert an image to SVG? Our integrations and plugins can help you do that, and we’re just getting started.

Plugins like cost money to run, so to power them, we developed a credit system within Playbook. Paid plugins are charged in credits, which we figured would be better than prompting you for a credit card for a $0.10 transaction. We also start every account with free credits, so your first experiments are on us.

It’s a new system, so we’ll occasionally need to make changes. Here’s the first one:

Up to now, it worked like this:

  • Individual users, and Playbook workspaces, could both have credits, and you’d have to choose which to use. (Confused? Us too — that’s why we’re changing it)
  • Free accounts would top-up to 25 free credits every month

Going forward, it’ll be simpler:

  • We’ll remove individual user credits to clear up the confusion
  • Your first Playbook workspace will get 100 free credits upon creation

If you’re using more credits than that, you can top-up yourself, or upgrade to the Pro plan (which comes with 1000 credits per month).

If you’ve already run a plugin or AI integration, awesome! If not, you can find them under the “+ Add” menu in any collection, and in the “Apps” section in your left sidebar. We have lots more in the works over the coming year, and this change helps us support that development. If you have thoughts or ideas, we’d love to hear it — drop us a line at [email protected].