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Perception, AI Color Palette Generator, Available as an Add-on on Playbook

Generate, auto-store, and reference them later. Never lose your work!

Playbook is launching the Perception add-on, an AI-powered Color Palette Generator, to help our designers discover their clients' brand colors quickly.

We all know great brands are made from brand personalities and matching color palettes. Enter your client's brand personality ("Sophisticated, polished, quirky") and see what Perception AI can give you for your clients' colors. Let your creativity wander!

Try the add-on free for 30 days ($7/month after). 100% of the revenue goes to our partner, Perception, for the first year.

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And of course, you can't announce this amazing feature without celebrating with a competition!

Exciting news: Color Competition on Playbook Community

We’re running an all-new Color Palette Competition until May 10. The theme is Sunday Morning with $1000 in prizes to win.

Learn more about the rules and prizes, and follow us on Twitter or Instagram for competition updates!

Psst… If you’re not sure where to start, play around with these examples.

Click to see this example

Click to see this example

Click to see this example

About Perception

Perception takes a unique approach by leveraging data, color psychology research, machine learning and generative AI to produce meaningful color palette choices that scientifically match to a specific mood. Whether you’re creating color palettes from scratch or validating colors that are already in play, Perception saves time by taking tedious guesswork out of the design process and gives creatives confidence in their design decisions. Design drives emotions, and emotions drive human behavior. Unlock the language of design with Perception.

Playbook is excited for this partnership!

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