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“Playbook is the perfect workshop.” — Madison

Madison is a sophomore student specializing in UX design. Last winter break, while on Dribbble, she came across a post by Jessica (our CEO) that was giving really useful advice on how to pursue a design career and what makes someone stand out in a pool of so many designers.

Now, Dribbble is a large community with many creatives who share content, but this particular advice resonated with Madison because of Jessica’s extensive experience as a UX designer. After going over the post, she decided to check out Playbook; the rest, as they say, is history.

As Madison put it, “I really admire Jessica, and I checked out this cool new product that they were using. Playbook became a favorite after that.”

Since then, Madison has been using Playbook and telling her network about it. Here’s her experience so far and what she thinks about us.

What made you switch to Playbook? Where has it been helpful?

Growing up, Google Drive was my default storage platform. It’s what my school had introduced me to, and by default, what I stuck to as I progressed with my designing journey. I also used Notability extensively in school.

Although these tools worked, there were always some unique issues I faced as a creative. Whereas non-creatives would probably not have problems, I found that visual files weren’t really supported when they were backed up to Google Drive.

In addition, like many designers and creatives out there, I use lots of files. But the problem with having that many files is that you’ll likely lose them if they are not organized well. This is exactly what I encountered. In the past, I didn’t know where to find files, but Playbook has made all that very easy.

As the world’s first creative cloud storage, Playbook supports visual files. And when it comes to organizing these files, the lines “See everything. Find anything,” sum it all up.

What do you love about Playbook?

I use Playbook primarily for storage and my design work. I love that the platform’s features allow for the flexibility I need as a designer.

One of the best things about Playbook is that it lets you create anything into a portfolio. You can centralize and quickly share all your assets in one place. This is handy, and something I’ve shared with my old design teachers.

Still on flexibility, I love how Playbook lets me handle the large files I work with — we’re talking about PNG files larger than 3000px. Playbook lets me download these files in smaller sizes.

Playbook also has a feature that allows you to upload design files. This is huge for us designers, as some platforms won’t support design assets. I actually used this feature to run a design competition and collect submissions from participants.

Besides these particular features, I love Playbook for several other reasons.

For one, Playbook connects people. I like to tell my friends about it because organizing information properly before jumping into design is a big thing for us young designers, or any designer for that matter. Being able to declutter and manage visual files quickly and easily helps to calm our nerves and bring out our creativity. Playbook is the perfect workshop.

On top of that, the platform is very user-friendly and accessible. Before, I couldn’t use files across devices, but now, with Playbook, I can access everything across platforms. Imagine how much hassle that’s taken away for college students hopping across campuses.

As someone who loves platforms that put extra juice behind being navigable as well as attractive, it was easy for me to fall in love with Playbook (the same way I did with Pinterest). With excellent features like a Pinterest-like view gallery and photo tagging, navigation is easy, but it doesn’t come at the expense of great design.

I love that Playbook was created by creatives, for creatives. It’s a very visual tool, very fun to use and visually striking.

Playbook is going to be a smash hit in the design and art community. I feel that design clubs and art programs in universities will definitely make Playbook very popular.

If you had to pick one, what would you say is your favorite Playbook feature?

The one thing about Playbook that I market through word of mouth is how the platform allows me to bring in Google Drive folders. I love that I can access something from a Google Drive folder and then push it into Playbook.