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When we founded our company in January, Playbook really wasn’t much more than an idea. Now that we've successfully and privately onboarded our first groups of teams in Q1 and Q2 2020, we're ready to open up to more teams to next-generation lightweight DAM.

We've all been there. As a creative person, you pour your heart and soul into your work, delicately building and refining, up to the moment you release it into the world. But along the way, there’s an ever-present risk that this precious work could be lost or buried in a far off somewhere in Dropbox.

Creative files are different than .xls or .docx. For one thing, they're visual. A preview says a thousand words, way more than a file name. Also, there are multiple source files associated with that JPEG, relationships that traditional file systems fail to incorporate. Not to mention handling duplicates, different resolutions, different formats, revisions..etc. No wonder Jane from Finance can't find that template that the design team spent hours putting together.

Playbook is not just another clunky enterprise DAM platform.

Playbook is a fast and lightweight version of DAM that sits on top of your current storage. You heard us right. We're not asking you to switch your storage. Keep your Dropbox or Google Drive, and don't pay for two storage platforms. Simply link Playbook to your storage and watch your creative files get automatically tagged, grouped, and organized overnight!

For teams, it acts as a beautiful, organized home base for all creative work. For individuals, there's finally a better way to manage all of those old projects with tagged search. This simple, powerful platform presents thumbnails of every file type, from PSDs to INDDs, onto easily scannable, searchable, organized boards. Playbook changes the way creatives work.

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We thank everyone who's expressed interest in Playbook and what we're building. To our beta users: Thank you for your pioneering spirit and ongoing feedback.