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Playbook x GPT for creative teams

Find your last year's campaigns, photoshoots buried deep in your archives, and social media assets that you didn't know you had!

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No need for designers to start from scratch. GPT is there 24-7 to find whatever you need to make those campaign deadlines.

See improved results

You're 50 times more likely to find what you want than by using typical filename or folder name searches that most DAMs rely on.

Ask follow up questions

GPT suggests follow up questions to narrow down your searches and find exactly what you want.

Every DAM claims they have AI search but do they really?

Tired of empty AI promises? Try before you buy and find out which platforms truly back up their AI search claims.

Playbook SearchGPT helps you find deeper and more naturally

We're done with another clunky DAM. Eliminate digging and wasting your precious time.

Save your team hours of digging and start saving money by repurposing existing assets

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on every photoshoot, only to bury the results deep in Dropbox or Google Drive. GPT can help you rediscover these existing assets for your next ad campaigns.

A demo is worth a thousand words.

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  • How does Playbook SearchGPT work?

    Playbook relies on OpenCLIP to generate embeddings and GPT to process queries. This allows us to map your query to the embedding space, find the closest results, and identify nearby clusters for follow up suggestions.

  • How safe is my data?

    Your data is safe in Playbook. Playbook doesn't claim any ownership, sell your data, or share any of it with anyone else without your consent. We're here to support creators.

  • Can I try it for free?

    Sign up for Pro ($12 / month) and you'll have a free trial until August 1. You can also try our demo Playbook.