ai-prompt: an old castle in a mirrored background, in the style of whimsical fairy tales, the stars art group (xing xing), photo-realistic landscapes, curvilinear, dark and intricate, wandering eye, detailed character illustrations --ar 2:1

Playbook for Midjourney images

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Integrate Playbook with Midjourney

Integrating Playbook and Midjourney makes it easier to store, and save your beauuutiful art.

Here's how →

Storage made for AI art

Store your prompts and artwork in Playbook for future access

AI powered organization

Playbook stores your work, groups your iterations, and adds tags

Save every version

Never lose your progress and save every variation

How to use Playbook to store Midjourney images

Create a new Discord server
Install Midjourney into your server
Connect your Playbook board to Midjourney
Start generating Midjourney art on Discord
Watch your Midjourney art be automagically stored in your Playbook

Storage made for AI art

Store away your creative work privately. Once connected to Discord, Playbook automatically imports every new Midjourney creation.

AI powered tagging and organization

Playbook stores prompts alongside your art, automatically groups your iterations, and adds relevant tags so you can always find your artwork.

Save every step of your progress

Sometimes it takes 100s of variations to get your AI art just right. Playbook gives creatives up to 4TB to easily save, organize, and view your progress in one place.

*For creative professionals: once you've created your account, go to your account page to submit your portfolio and apply for 4TB.

  • What is AI?

    AI is short for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to technology that mimics human intelligence to perform tasks, solve problems, and identify patterns. AI improves iteratively based on feedback, data, and machine learning.

  • What is Midjourney?

    Midjourney is an AI image and art generator that can produce artistic and vivid imagery from simple text prompts. These images are generated by using the /imagine prompt in Discord, from any server where the Midjourney bot is installed. There is an img2img function available which allows you to upload an existing image to the Discord server, and use it as a base template for generating a new image (useful for changing the style of an image).

  • What can I use AI for?

    Every day, AI gets more powerful and efficient. As a creative, you can leverage AI to source inspiration, make mood boards, write copy, inspire illustrations, build brands, render, mockup, and so much more. You just have to learn the best ways to prompt it.

  • What are best practices for AI-generated art?

    The most important rule of thumb: never mimic another artist’s style for profit. If you’re unsure about how to engage with AI, start by using it for personal use or inspiration only.

  • Are you selling my art to train ML models?

    We do not sell your data or art to third-party organizations, including AI services. At Playbook, we’re a team of artists too. Our hope is to honor, uplift, and support you, and never compromise your privacy or intellectual property.

    Read more about our Artist Ownership and Privacy.