Now inviting all designers, artists, photographers, marketers to our Artist + Designer plan (4TB)

Professional freelancers

Present to impress

Publish and work with each of your clients, with beautiful gallery template right out of the box.

Publish a beautiful gallery web page during work hand-off or publish your personal portfolio and have it easily maintained for years.

  1. Click on Publish
  2. Select a template
  3. Set settings
  4. Share the published link with anyone

Have clients pick their favorites

Your clients can favorite, star or approve to show their appreciation for the great work.

Collaborate with clients

No more long email threading. Clients can leave comments right in your work. No more back and forth between email and files.

Easy download

Playbook makes downloading so simple even for those who are new to the Playbook platform.

Storage that saves you money

With Playbook’s unique auto-deduplication feature, you never save more than 1 copy of the original work, freeing up so much storage space.