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Licensed Artists - Pricing Guideline

Playbook Licensed Artists is a community program that grants real artists and designers in the Playbook Community more visibility for their work and cash rewards for it. With licenses attached to your work, earning passive income while protecting your design rights hasn’t been easier! ✨

If your work is selected, Playbook will buy a 1 year distribution license from you to distribute to our Playbook community. According to this designstripe article, "illustrator rate is being paid a flat rate per illustration and can cost anywhere from $25-$1,000 per illustration or per project respectively".

Here are some things to consider when setting your price:

  • If the illustration has simple, flat and minimal details, and without background (examples), it could start from $25 per illustration;
  • If it has medium details (examples), it could start from $200 per illustration;
  • If it has lots of details (examples), it could start from $500 per illustration.

We have worked with a lot of artists in the past. Here are some ways they priced their work:

  • 8-10 custom and themed illustrations based on the above pricing guidelines (1 year distribution);
  • A set of 5-10 illustrations that they've already done with one flat price of $1000 (1 year distribution)
  • 1000 icons with one flat price of $2000 (1 year distribution)

Additionally, the type of rights that come with the work can affect your price. For example, you'd like to keep selling the same work to other people (and that's okay!). You might price them lower than those who give us exclusive rights to distribute.

What happens after one year?

  • You may opt out of this program at any time after the first year by disabling your shared link so that no one can download.

Do I continue to get paid if I don't disable my shared link?

  • Yes! Our payout amount may change in the future but as long as your shared link is up and running, you're opted into the program.

What happens if we can't agree on the purchase price?

  • No worries! If that happens, no hurt feelings. Your work belongs to you. No one but you should dictate the price. Playbook will not share your work with anyone.

Will you promote my work?

  • Absolutely. We'll always promote our Licensed Artists on our social media pages, our community page as well as email campaigns. We hope you get lots of visibility from all over the world.


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