Share bulk or large files easily

Sending 1GB, 50GB, 200GB? Don’t attach to your email as attachment cannot exceed the 25MB limit. Sharing between playbook accounts, sharing via link all makes it so easy and fast to send large and bulk files.

Product Illustration

Key benefits of large file sharing

Present to impress

Playbook makes it easy to quickly share your files without limitations, getting your ideas where they need to go.

More time creating, less time waiting

Share a two hour high-res video, share 8000 RAW files, or 200 hours of TikTok videos almost instantly.

Move files anywhere

Move files seamlessly between accounts. Send files to anyone who’s not part of Playbook. Publish files easily so your clients can download.

Store for the future

Store, organize and tag all your files in Playbook to access easily for the future. Playbook makes storing from just one project to hundreds of thousands of files easy.