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Creative licenses

License to protect

Don’t manually track expirations of licensed work. Don’t let anyone accidentally use expired photos. Playbook gives everyone total visibility and control over in-house and outsourced all licensed files.

Key benefits of creative licenses

Protect your business

Each year, businesses spends hundreds of thousands of dollars by misusing or manually tracking licensed material. Protect your business from misusing licensed work and potential legal consequences.

Create licenses on the fly

Creators often don’t need the legal expertise in copyright necessary for designing proper, legally sound licensing agreements. Playbook license maker (based on CC licenses) offer a practical and cost-free solution for creators of all types.

Licenses to follow everywhere

People often lose licenses that come in a text or PDF format. Playbook licenses are forever attached to the work you share with your clients or your receive from others. There’s no chance you’ll ever lose them.

Finding a lawyer to take care of the licensing process can be quite expensive. Playbook licenses are free for anyone to use.