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Smarter storage

Storage that saves money

Playbook is a perfect tool to store creative files. It optimizes storage space by automatically de-duplicating your files so the storage only stores original files and not their copies, saving thousands of dollars in storage cost.

Key benefits of smarter storage

Save money

Automatically save money in storage cost. Scale your marketing effortlessly and streamline your file system and stop paying a ton for file space.

Archive old projects

Archive your old projects. Maintain search access to old projects but archive them to keep your company on the same page with the current marketing projects and brand.

Never lose files

Playbook is a robust and reliable storage that can restore files from local snapshots of the files in your playbook in case of emergency.

Store everything

Save bookmarks like website URLs, colors, licenses and/or text. Playbook goes beyond just file storage. It’s all-in-one modern storage that can save any type of your creative work.